Garbage Nazis took over this blue state with costly new regulations for its residents and businesses

It’s no secret Democrats want to get their noses in all your business – now they’re even dictating exactly what goes into the kitchen garbage can.

Following in France’s footsteps, one blue state will fine you if you don’t compost your carrot peels.

And you’ll never guess what normal thing your favorite take-out place is no longer allowed to do.

Starting this month, California now requires residents and businesses to separate their food and lawn waste from other garbage.

By next year, anyone who fails to follow their nanny state’s rules will face fines of up to $500 per day.

It’s next-level Big Brother meddling, but that’s not all the Golden State is pushing on its citizens.

Starting in June, it will be illegal for restaurants to include cutlery or sauce packets with their take-out orders unless customers remember to ask for them specifically.

The supposed reason for the laws is cleaning up the environment by turning food waste into biofuel and keeping unnecessary clutter out of landfills.

However, the insidious result will be preparing more than 39 million Americans to march to the beat of their political overlords’ drum.

It’s a brilliant move for leftists.

After all, it’s difficult to argue with something environmentalists and your grandma could agree on – we shouldn’t be wasting anything.

However, there’s a huge difference between the wisdom of post-depression era frugality and central planners controlling absolutely every aspect of our lives.

Laws governing the most mundane activities inside every citizen’s kitchen and private business is the leftist gateway drug to fulfilling their most ambitious fantasies – including taking away our cars and pushing all of us into urban housing without even enough soil to our names to plant a garden.

Unfortunately, this war on freedom is gaining steam in blue states across the nation.

A New York state law also goes into effect this month requiring institutions generating two tons of food waste per week to donate excess edible food and recycle all remaining food scraps if they are located within 25 miles of an organics recycler.

Nothing about this is exactly revolutionary.

Farmers have been running successful food recycling programs in America for centuries—it’s called feeding slop to the pigs.

And there’s already a free-market incentive to make sure that keeps happening today as many grocery stores and restaurants offer their scraps to farms in order to cut down on their garbage collection bills.

Ironically, as is usually the case, government overreach into kitchens – whether in homes or businesses – is likely to prove more wasteful in the long run.

Just over a decade ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s food composting program for the House of Representatives’ cafeteria was shut down.

It turns out the program – which required special compostable plates and cutlery to feed representatives and their staffers – was costing taxpayers $475,000 a year and wasting energy by the time the trash was hauled off to a special facility in Maryland.

We can only hope one of Nancy’s relatives isn’t in charge of the new California program.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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