Foxx resignation: Jussie Smollett’s BFF prosecutor just made this stunning announcement

Prosecutors who won’t prosecute have come to power in recent years.

It’s all been made possible by huge sums of money from leftist billionaire George Soros.

Now Jussie Smollett’s BFF prosecutor just made this stunning announcement.

Cook County, Illinois Attorney Kim Foxx, the beneficiary of millions of dollars from George Soros, has announced that she will not seek re-election next year.

Foxx said that she would not be seeking a third term because she had promised her family that she would leave office after her second term.

Her time in office has been sharply criticized for her criminal coddling decisions, including raising the bar for prosecuting retail thefts as a felony from the statutory threshold of $500 in value for the stolen goods to more than $1,000.

Following this change, notable large retailers like Walmart closed up shop within city limits.

In making her announcement, Foxx said, “We find ourselves in a cycle of violence that continues because we haven’t addressed the root causes of violence, because we haven’t addressed the rift between communities and law enforcement, and we haven’t addressed it because they’re hard truths that need to be told. If nothing else, I have spent the last six and a half years trying to tell the difficult truth about our criminal justice system, about the prosecutor’s office, about law enforcement and the impact that it has had on communities that are the ones most impacted by violent crime and by our justice system.”

Foxx: “When I leave this earth, my epitaph will mention Jussie Smollett”

But it was her infamous decision to drop charges against former Empire star Jussie Smollett, who was eventually convicted (a successful prosecution not led by Foxx) of partnering with accomplices and faking a violent, racially motivated attack on a downtown street, that she will likely be remembered for the most.

Foxx admitted as much in her angry speech marking her decision not to run again, saying, “Probably when I leave this earth, my epitaph will mention Jussie Smollett. And it makes me mad.”

In an editorial, the Chicago Tribune was unusually harsh in its criticism:

What Foxx failed to understand — and, as far as we can tell, still either fails or willfully chooses not to understand — is that the Smollett case fundamentally was about clout. The “Empire” actor was connected at the highest political levels and at least one powerful phone call, and perhaps several more, was made to a prosecutor who took the call and offered Smollett special treatment. That’s not just our view; the facts in this area mostly are undisputed and special prosecutor Dan Webb came to the same conclusion. The consequence of that error in judgment was that the police, who had furiously tried to solve a case that had sparked all kinds of pro-Smollett tweets from prominent politicians and celebrities, realized they had been played by an ambitious prosecutor like a character in the deeply cynical musical “Chicago.”

The editorial concludes with, “No single event in the recent history of Cook County justice did more to undermine the relationship between the police and the prosecutor’s office.”

Undoubtedly true.

Here’s to hoping the next prosecutor does the job that the residents of the Windy City deserve, rather than getting caught up in self-defeating leftist politics.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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