Former House Speaker is running scared in one true blue state as voters get restless

With only days left to campaign, Democrats are beginning to realize one awful truth.

Bringing destruction and mayhem to blue communities across the nation over the past two years might just backfire.

And now a former House Speaker in one true blue state is running scared as voters get restless.

The state of Oregon hasn’t elected a Republican as Governor since 1983.

But for the first time in decades, the Democrat in the race is sweating bullets.

Democrat former Speaker of the Oregon State House isn’t handling it well as it looks like she could lose

In the past two years anarchists have taken over entire chunks of Oregon’s biggest city, encampments have destroyed neighborhoods, and severe drug addiction has devastated countless families.

On top of that, even gorgeous rural parts of the state are morphing into a sort of war zone as international cartels mark their territory and steal irrigation water to grow marijuana for the black market in other states.

Usually, the Democrat in the race, Tina Kotek, would be a shoo-in for the position.

But this year she’s in a three-way race with former Democrat Betsy Johnson, and Republican Christine Drazan.

Incredibly, Drazan has been polling shockingly well and it looks like she has a real shot at pulling off a huge upset in November.

Now Kotek, who is a former Statehouse Speaker, is turning on current Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) as she attempts to distance herself from the disastrous policies that have devastated the state.

She even went as far as targeting both the current Governor and her Republican opponent in an ad called “Liar” claiming both failed to deal with the state’s homeless crisis.

Democrat turns on fellow Democrat to hide her own record

“Tina Kotek called for a homeless state of emergency nearly three years ago. Not Kate Brown. Not Christine Drazan,” she claimed in the ad.

Kotek took another shot at the current Governor saying, “I will lead where Gov. Brown couldn’t, or wouldn’t, on this issue.”

But that talk, including claims she stood up to the Governor during the pandemic, is hard to back up considering Kotek’s record.

“Despite her newfound criticism of Brown, Kotek voted in tandem with the latter over 99% of the time while a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, and has her endorsement listed on her campaign website,” Fox News Reported.

“Tina Kotek spent years as Kate Brown’s co-pilot, leading a one-party government that presided over massive homelessness, rising crime, failing schools, and a growing affordability crisis,” Drazen’s communications director, John Burke, told Fox News.

“Without Kate Brown, Tina Kotek would have almost nothing to run on, since there was absolutely no daylight between the two on any issue of consequence,” he added. “It’s only right that Oregonians know Tina Kotek is Kate Brown’s chosen candidate as they cast their ballots in this crucial election.”

The fact that even Democrats in a state as blue as Oregon have turned on each other should be a good sign for Republicans everywhere—however over the past year RINOs in Congress have done their best to shoot themselves in the foot.

The most critical element in any political race is typically inspiring the party’s base to actually show up on election day and anything could happen at this point.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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