Fleeing thugs were stopped dead in their tracks by this response

Woke leftists have all kinds of ideas about how to run the world. 

When they get their own way, things get ugly fast and it’s a field day for the criminals.

But fleeing thugs were stopped dead in their tracks by this response.

Leftists in Washington state are finding out exactly why the police were there before they decided to defund them and strip them of any meaningful power. 

When Marxist Black Lives Matter rioters swept through the nation, Democrats at the state and local level largely let them have their own way. 

Seattle, the political powerhouse and population center in Washington state, proved to be one of the biggest pushovers when Marxists thugs and their socialist/anarchist friends marched into town. 

Politicians quickly fell into step supporting the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda the state’s biggest leftist corporations have already been hawking for years. 

As a result, the enlightened folks running The Evergreen State decided to pass laws making it so people who “can’t afford” tickets and fines don’t get them in the first place. 

That response was a pleasant surprise for lawbreakers.

Of course, the result is a completely predictable nightmare for everyone else. 

But criminals stopped dead in their tracks when they learned they could get away just by running fast.

So they have.

“All of us have been on the road when some moron does something not only incredibly stupid but also super dangerous, only to wonder why cops don’t bust them,” Steven Symes wrote for Motorious. “If you live in Washington state there’s a good explanation: police are almost powerless to stop criminals as they run away.”

The pro-crime legislation went into effect in January and the Washington State Patrol has already tallied up more than 900 drivers who refused to pull over for police officers. 

Now the laws that were supposed to benefit low income minorities are destroying their communities as thugs take over. 

Even Democrats who pushed through the so-called “reforms” are regretting their foolish actions. 

But putting this genie back in the bottle is going to be almost impossible. 

According to Law Enforcement Today one of the worst of the disastrous laws signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee was House Bill 1310. 

It said officers could “only use force when they had probable cause to make an arrest or to prevent imminent injury. The law also required that ‘proper de-escalation techniques’ be employed before using force, unless absolutely impractical to do so.”

So now criminals have the upper hand—and if a police officer tries to call them up short it’s more than likely the officer will end up slapped with a lawsuit. 

The laws don’t just put police at a disadvantage, they also make it more difficult to protect people from increasingly violent threats. 

In fact, rather than being able to arrest someone for violent and threatening behavior police now have to wait until someone has actually been assaulted.

No surprise, between the beyond awful working conditions and COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Washington is facing a law enforcement officer shortage. 

Skyrocketing crime and laws that are drawing in the worst criminal elements from around the country aren’t likely to convince more officers to sign on anytime soon. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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