“Failing upward” poster child just did the unconscionable with these barbaric acts

Democrats have completely lost the plot.

They are being led around by the nose by the most radical members of their coalition.

Now the“failing upward” poster child has just done the unconscionable with these barbaric acts.

Gavin Newsom is desperate to be president.

As the Mayor of San Francisco, Newsom swore he would end homelessness, and it’s only gotten significantly worse.

Newsom failed upward into the position of governor, and he has overseen an unprecedented exodus of hundreds of thousands of people from his state.

Now Newsom is hoping to fail upward into the White House.

But what works for California leftists will not work for the entire country.

Newsom signs trio of insane bills into law

As the new year begins, Newsom signed into law some insane bills that will not fly with the majority of Americans.

For example, Newsom signed SB-107: “Gender-affirming health care.”

California becomes sanctuary state for child gender mutilation

The law effectively makes California a “sanctuary state” for people who want to “transition” their kids with irreversible hormone treatments or barbaric surgeries.

So if two divorced parents embroiled in a custody dispute disagree on irreversible treatments, one parent can take the child to California to undergo so-called gender-affirming care, and the dissenting parent can do nothing to stop it.

As more lawsuits roll in regarding rueful patients who were misled by activist doctors, this law will be wildly unpopular.

State will cancel doctors’ licenses for supposed “misinfo” on COVID under another new law

Newsom also signed AB-2098, which threatens doctors with loss of licensure for the “dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or ‘COVID-19.’”

This is particularly terrifying because the COVID regime gets to decide what is misinformation and what is not.

For instance, it was verboten to tout natural immunity to the coronavirus over vaccines.

However, epidemiological history shows that natural immunity is superior to vaccines.

That is just one “lie” that was punished by the COVID regime.

Doctor-free abortions

Newsom also signed SB-1375, which permits nurses to perform abortions without doctors present.

The Left are determined to increase the number of abortions, and the health of the mother be damned.

Democrats have rapidly moved from “safe, legal, and rare” to promoting abortion as “healthcare” that must be expanded.

They have turned abortion into a sacred rite.

Democrats enjoy a supermajority in California, so they don’t realize just how radical all of their ideas are.

But people are voting with their feet.

California has had net negative migration out of the state three years running, and the trend does not seem to be reversing itself.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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