Failing government schools are teaching kids something infuriating

Government schools have become battlegrounds between parents and radical teachers and administrators.

Parents woke up to the nonsense being pushed by schools during COVID because of distance learning.

Now failing government schools are teaching kids something infuriating.

Government schools have become the main indoctrination center for the Left.

Radical ideas from the universities have trickled down to K-12, and the Left is training their next batch of foot soldiers for “the revolution.”

That’s why a middle school in Minneapolis sent out an official newsletter intended for kids 12 and 13-years-old about how to behave at protests.

Schools should be teaching kids about reading, writing, and arithmetic, not proper etiquette at emotionally charged protests.

Some of the guidelines included, “Wear nondescript clothing. Even if you aren’t breaking the law, law enforcement may still try to come after you, in these situations it’s better to be paranoid than careless . . . You’re free to document things with your phone, but please don’t post anything with people’s faces/identifying information in them, especially if it’s someone doing art/graffiti.”

Minneapolis became the epicenter of protests after the death of George Floyd.

The protesting turned to rioting and looting, and spread across the country for the second half of 2020.

The murder rate jumped 30% in 2020 as a result, the highest one-year rise in American history.

The Minneapolis protests have begun anew after the police shot and killed Amir Locke while executing a raid.

Locke was not the intended target, which sparked outrage.

One Black Lives Matter extremist even called for terror in the streets.

A BLM rabble rouser said at a street protest, “Feel your anger fully. Be mad! Be mad! Because your anger is justified. Build barricades, burn precincts, reappropriate what they’ve stolen from you for thousands of generations! Power to the looters! Power to the rioters!”

This is not the environment 12-year-olds should be going into with a “toolkit.”

A concerned parent blew the whistle on the newsletter, and with good reason.

It is an obvious piece of propaganda.

For example, it begins by discussing the “murder” of Locke.

No changes have been filed yet, and the shooting has not been classified as a murder.

The Left want angry, indoctrinated, foot soldiers for their cause.

Whether or not the kids can perform scholastically at grade level is immaterial.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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