Even blue state leftists can’t stand AOC for one side-splitting reason

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes “clueless” to the next level.

Now, even blue state leftists can’t stand her.

And why she has them up in arms will give you a good laugh.

Apparently, AOC is borrowing an Obama slogan and going after “change” whether her constituents want it or not.

She’s not exactly known for being the most intellectually gifted member of Congress – but her latest stunt is a stunning new low for the “progressive” leftist lawmaker.

Her office recently announced it will open a submission process so local residents can suggest new names for a post office in her New York district.

The problem?

The local mail drop spot is already named after venerated figures in the gay rights movement.

The post office in Jackson Heights (Queens County) is named after Jeanne and Jules Manford.

Jeanne Manford is known as the first LGBT parent to march in a pride parade with her child.

“Is it that she doesn’t know our history?” Leftist activist Daniel Dromm asked during an interview with the Daily News. “Did they not check to see who the post office is named after right now? Does she not know who Jeanne Manford was?”

The move from AOC’s office has the entire local LGBT community outraged.

“How dare she put our community’s heritage up for a popularity contest or a vote!” activist Allen Roskoff said.

After the whole mess absolutely blew up in her face, a spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez said their pitch to rename the post office seemed “like a small but interesting way to engage our community in the legislative process.”

It was certainly an effective way to bring the community together to realize they sent the village idiot to Congress.

The Congresswoman’s staff were quick to claim they are “very open” to not changing the post office’s name.

Considering that she’s been dubbed the least productive member of Congress based on the number of bills she hasn’t passed (34 sponsored, 0 passed – thankfully), you’d think she’d have time to Google the name of her local post office honorees, but it seems actual research isn’t her thing.

Ironically, the completely clueless House member – who describes herself as a “Socialist Democrat” – was actually recruited to take her post by Silicon Valley executive Saikat Chakrabarti.

Chakrabarti was a Bernie Sanders volunteer before he shifted his focus on packing Congress with radical leftists.

For a while Chakrabarti was AOC’s Chief of Staff, but soon left to run New Consensus – a group pushing the “Green New Deal.”

Watters claims AOC lost her edge when Chakrabarti found a new cause to manage – and that her brand of tone-deaf red carpet walking won’t keep her in office much longer.

“The media might love her now, but it’s only a matter of time before something new comes around. Then they have to get the old product off the shelves,” Watters said.

Then again, he could be wrong.

Somehow, AOC is one of the best-known members of Congress and has been putting herself out there as a possible replacement for Joe Biden.

That might seem laughable now, but the idea of having someone like Joe Biden in the Oval Office was inconceivable before it actually happened.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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