Eric Garcetti’s response to far-Left radicals left city residents infuriated

Leftist extremists have come out of the woodwork again.

And law-abiding citizens have been forced to take it.

But Eric Garcetti’s response to far-Left radicals could send city residents over the edge.

The landmark Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs case has brought out the authoritarian Communists again.

The court voted 6-3 to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the leftists are handling it as one would imagine.

They’ve been shrieking like banshees in the streets.

One lunatic in Los Angeles even tried to kill a police officer with a makeshift flamethrower.

And in another part of the city, leftists shut down the highway.

This is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved.

Several protesters have been killed by cars who cannot see deranged activists standing in the middle of the highway at night.

Also, motorists have been pulled out of their vehicles and beaten to death by these terrorist goons.

And what is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti doing while this stuff goes on?

Instead of actually doing something about the havoc left-wing protestors are causing Los Angelinos, this clown got on his “green” e-moped to “inspect” bike lanes.

Of course, who knows, left-wing protesters may let commuters on a silly e-moped pass their blockades thinking they’re one of them.

In reality, Democrats are playing a dangerous game where they rile up their shock troops, then they turn a blind eye to the violence.

They had a chance to quell the months of riots in 2020, but they did not because they believed it helped their electoral chances.

Leftists engage in random mid-level terror like this with the aim of either coercing people into submission, or to trigger an overreaction from the Right.

So Antifa will start a fight, a right-wing group will finish it, and law enforcement and the entire media apparatus come down on the right-wing group like a ton of bricks.

That’s how the Proud Boys were suddenly labeled a paramilitary extremist organization when they were merely an irreverent fraternal group that liked to play bar games.

Meanwhile, Antifa has literally murdered people in cold blood, firebombed courthouses, razed police stations, and occupied city blocks.

And there is never any full-throated condemnation from Democrats.

In fact, in 2020, the Democrats, including now Vice President Kamala Harris, encouraged the rioters and set up bail funds for them.

A Communist group in Louisville, Kentucky even bailed out a Black Lives Matter terrorist who attempted to assassinate a mayoral candidate.

A few weeks ago, another deranged leftist traveled to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house with the intent to murder him.

Democrats are assuring escalatory violence by refusing to condemn Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and affiliated far-Left groups.

Nearly two dozen crisis pregnancy centers have been firebombed, and there has hardly been a peep from the corporate-controlled press or Democrat politicians.

Apparently, they’re too busy riding their “green” bikes and e-mopeds.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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