Eric Adams was forced to make an awkward admission about a plan he really doesn’t want anyone digging into

From the out-of-control crime, to red state governors calling his “welcome” on the Big Apple’s “sanctuary city” status to shelling out a fortune for luxury digs for new migrants, the rough patch won’t seem to end for NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Now he’s effectively admitting he’s desperate for a break from the crisis and public scrutiny.

And Eric Adams was just forced to make an awkward admission about a plan he really doesn’t want anyone digging into.

New York for decades had prided itself on its “sanctuary city” status.

That is until Republican Governors called the bluff and shipped illegal immigrants there after they crossed the southern border that President Joe Biden has refused to secure.

Now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D)  just came up with a funny way of showing how welcoming his city is to illegal immigrants.

Adams outlined a new plan for dealing with the illegal immigrants that have arrived in his city.

A major component of that plan includes resettlements outside of New York. 

One aspect of Adams’ call to action from the federal government in his “blueprint to address New York City’s response to the asylum seeker crisis” is “a designated leader to resolve the national border crisis and coordinate all relevant agencies and entities, including those in localities where migrants settle.”

If this all sounds familiar that’s probably because this is the job that Vice President Kamala Harris has already been designated to fill.

A city so welcoming it will send you anywhere else you want to go

“The Road Forward” is the name of Adams’ blueprint and it says that New York is “in the early stage of being able to assist asylum seekers in relocating to their preferred city of choice. Ultimately, New York City isn’t equipped to meet the complex needs of asylum seekers given their current rapid rate of arrival.” 

But not all of the details of the plan were readily available.

Adams says that he doesn’t want to reveal the names of partner cities that are planning to host more migrants for fear of souring those relationships – assuming that he even plans on letting them know.

“Don’t ask me which cities”

At the announcement, Adams said, “Please don’t ask me which cities because I don’t need you running to the cities and stopping them. I know you enjoy pitting cities against cities, so we are not giving you that information.”

In recent months the New York Mayor has been caught treating the matter of illegal immigrants hypocritically.

In January Adams criticized the governor of Colorado, a fellow Democrat, for busing migrants to New York City. 

Just a month later, however, Adams admitted to coordinating one-way bus tickets to Plattsburgh, N.Y for migrants who wanted to move to Canada until leaders of Quebec’s provincial government told him that he had to stop.

New York has opened 92 emergency shelter sites and seven Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers since the influx of illegal immigrants accelerated last year.

With the crises showing no signs of slowing down, Adams even opened the public check book to shell out some $275 Million to contract with hotels – including a luxury $450-a-night hotel – to make good on New York’s “welcome” to border crossers. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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