Eric Adams said three words that have under siege New Yorkers seething

Democrats could care less about protecting law-abiding citizens or locking up the thugs that terrorize them.

New York City Mayor Adams just made that abundantly clear with a jaw-dropping announcement about Democrats’ real intent.

And he said three words that have under siege New Yorkers seething.

Democrats are coming for the Second Amendment.

Mayor promises frontdoor gun ban

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a New York State gun law was an infringement on the Second Amendment, which meant that New Yorkers would have an easier time being able to legally carry a firearm.

That infuriated the gun grabbers in the state, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

And Adams pledged to go door-to-door in order to investigate residents’ carry permits.

The New York Post reported that “police officers will employ those ‘good old-fashioned’ methods of investigation like knocking on neighbors’ doors as part of the background check requirements on potential gun permit holders included in New York’s new gun safety law. State officials added extra requirements for individuals seeking concealed carry weapons permits…in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision that overturned a 1913 state law mandating individuals to show ‘proper cause’ for packing heat.”

Democrats will always find some kind of way to curtail gun rights, even if it means obtrusively banging on doors.

Mayor Adams explained in an appearance on MSNBC, “It is really about using the good, old-fashioned methods of doing investigation…When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I…And I think those are the same skills that’s going to be used to look at not only social media but also knocking our neighbors’ doors, speaking to people, finding out who this individual is that we are about to allow to carry a firearm in our city.”

That’s an incredibly bone-chilling statement for a mayor to make.

There’s no telling what could be disqualifying for gun ownership.

Whenever the Left are involved, expanding definitions of “inappropriate” will follow.

Backdoor gun ban

The Post added that “background checks will now require applicants to sit down for an in-person interview, submit four character references, a list of former and current social media accounts spanning the prior three years and disclose the names of their spouse or any other adults living in their home. Permit renewals will also now be required every three years, instead of five years under the former law. NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the department has tracked a 54% increase in carrying license applications…accounting for 1,579 applications filed since June 1 — compared to 1,024 filed during the same period in 2021.”

With violent crime increasing in the city, it’s no wonder that so many New Yorkers are eager to receive a carry permit despite New York’s burdensome laws.

But instead of cracking down on criminals, New York’s Democrat political overlords want to harass law-abiding citizens who just want to defend themselves.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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