Eric Adams’ latest move brings a strange new meaning to leftist mantra of “sharing the wealth”

What it all comes down to in the end is that talk is cheap.

Leftists never met a cause for which they won’t virtue-signal, but actions speak louder than words.

Now Eric Adams’ latest move brings a strange new meaning to leftist mantra of “sharing the wealth.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan to relocate illegal immigrants to hotels in Rockland and Orange Counties, outside of the city.

But within a day, elected officials in both areas rejected the idea and declared a state of emergency in response.

Biden blamed for failure on border security and immigration policy

Rockland County executive Ed Day (R) said, “Whatever we need to do to stop this, we will do. They’re basically dumping them into a county where we’re not prepared for them.”

He even suggested that the county could issue fines up to $1,000 for hotels which go after the taxpayer-funded largesse by participation in Adams’s bussing program.

Congressman Mike Lawler (R-NY) is a Border Caucus and House Foreign Affairs Committee member and represents Rockland County.

Adams’ plan has him steamed. 

A shady Friday Night drop

Lawler said, “Mayor Eric Adams must not send migrants to Rockland County as part of his plan to alleviate the strain New York City is under. Rockland County is not a sanctuary county, unlike New York City and its boroughs, and should not bear the costs associated with the Biden administration’s abject failure on border security and immigration policy.”

The emergency declarations prevent Adams from sending illegal aliens to their counties and require hotels and motels to have a license to house them.

Orangetown regional supervisor Teresa Kenny suggested that the entire plan is shady.

Kenny said, “It felt like they were trying to do a Friday night drop. I feel like the mayor called me to check a box so he couldn’t be criticized for not talking to us.”

In a Facebook post, Kenny wrote, “The Town of Orangetown and Rockland County are small localities that are not equipped to handle this sudden increase in the need for services as County Executive Day and the Commissioner of Social Services have pointed rightly out. I agree that this calls for a Federal, not a local solution. The people that NYC is sending to Orangetown have been failed first by the Federal government, which has not adequately addressed immigration issues, and now by the City of New York, which had let people know that they would take them in as a sanctuary city. To send these people to a location that is not equipped to meet their needs, is a betrayal of that often-expressed desire by NYC to be a sanctuary for them.”

Adams is now in this pickle because he’s joined at the hip to Open Borders Joe Biden.

What he ought to do is impress upon the President (who Adams is supporting for reelection) that it isn’t just faraway red states along the southern border that are now bearing the brunt of his policies.

But Eric Adams is now learning it’s easy to claim “sanctuary city” status – until the masses show up on your doorstep.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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