Eric Adams just made a stunning announcement after he got backed into a corner over attacks

Violent crime has been trending in the wrong direction over the past few years.

Even people on the Left are beginning to acknowledge that.

And Eric Adams just made a stunning announcement after he got backed into a corner over attacks.

Now that the 2022 elections are over, Democrats can start telling the truth about crime.

Major cities across the country are experiencing peaks in violent crime, New York City being one of them.

Eric Adams plans increase in involuntary confinements

And after a string of horrific subway attacks, Mayor Eric Adams announced he would be increasing the number of involuntary confinements of people with severe mental illness that are responsible for violent crime.

The New York Post reported that “[c]ity workers can now immediately hospitalize people who refuse treatment, even if they don’t pose a clear and present danger to themselves or others. Hizzoner’s Tuesday announcement at City Hall is the latest effort launched by city and state officials in recent months to coax and cajole New Yorkers living on city streets and in subways — many of whom are suffering from apparent psychosis — into the city’s shelter and mental health safety net systems.”

Adams said at a press conference, “If severe mental illness is causing someone to be unsheltered and a danger to themselves, we have a moral obligation to help them get the treatment and care they need…Today, we are embarking on a long-term strategy to help more of those suffering from severe and untreated mental illness find their way to treatment and recovery.”

Conservatives and some sensible liberals have been calling for such measures for a long time.

It’s not compassionate to allow a mentally deranged person to live in misery on the street, especially when they’re a danger to themselves and others.

When Adams first took office, he admitted, “On day one, I took the subway system, I felt unsafe. I saw homeless everywhere. People were yelling on the trains. There was a feeling of disorder. So as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe.”

Democrats attempted to downplay the issue of crime prior to the Midterms, sloughing it off as a right-wing talking point.

But it’s impossible to deny the victims of violent crime.

Adams continued, “There is often a misconception amongst both police as well as front-line mental health crisis intervention workers that a person with mental illness must present as ‘imminently dangerous’ in order to be removed from the community…This is not the case…There are ticking time bombs — who are a threat to themselves or others — riding our subways and walking our streets…Let’s get these New Yorkers the help they desperately need and deserve and make our streets and subways safer for all.”

Perhaps things have deteriorated to the point where even liberals are crying out for law and order.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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