Eric Adams just got the cold shoulder from the frozen north after this one action

Leftist Democrats have a way of conveying that they are more compassionate and caring than everyone else.

That is, until they are forced to put their money where their mouth is.

Now Eric Adams just got the cold shoulder from the frozen north after this one action.

New Yorkers, including Mayor Eric Adams (D), pride themselves on their “sanctuary city” status.

But recently, the Big Apple’s welcoming stance has been questioned.

It all started last Fall when Texas Governor Greg Abbot decided to ship via buses illegal immigrants who crossed the border that Joe Biden refuses to secure to blue destinations that have long claimed to welcome them.

It turns out that New York isn’t nearly as welcoming as originally claimed.

It also turns out that he can’t get rid of these people fast enough.

Adams used tax dollars to fund a scheme to bus illegal immigrants away to destinations of their choosing in a partnership with Catholic Charities.

The buses take the illegals to Plattsburgh who then get into taxis and vans to cross the Canadian border by foot.

We are here to move them away so they can pursue their dreams

Adams said, “If they’re seeking to go somewhere else, we are helping in the reticketing process. What we’ve found is that people had other destinations but were compelled only to come to New York City and we are assisting and interviewing those who seek to go somewhere else. Some want to go to Canada, some want to go to warmer states and we are there for them as they continue to move on with their pursuit of this dream.”

But not everyone is saying “Oui” to Adams’ latest gambit.

The government of Quebec, Canada’s second largest province by population, is demanding that Adams stops facilitating these border crossings.

Crossing the border where it’s forbidden needs to stop now

Quebec Premier Francois Legault’s spokesperson said, “Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately. We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue.”

Adams had no comment on the statement from Legault’s office but maintains that the destination of the Great White North wasn’t his idea.

Adams said, “We are not encouraging anyone to go to another country. If we speak with a migrant, interview them, we find out their desires and make sure that we are assisting them like we’ve done.”

One surefire fix for the issue of a porous southern U.S. border would be for the Democrat mayors of deep blue cities to admit the obvious, that they don’t want their cities overrun and services overwhelmed any more than the leaders of communities on the southern border do.

The Canadians could also make similar appeals to the Biden administration to force its hand and make their inaction politically untenable.

Unless or until that happens it’s tough to feel sorry for politicians and policies that are only making the problem worse.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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