Eric Adams is sweating like a pig after outrage ensues over this migrant plan

In recent years, Democrat-controlled cities across the nation have taken major strides toward defying federal law, deeming themselves “sanctuary cities.”

Now that thousands of illegal aliens are arriving on their doorsteps, their tune has changed, and leftists all across America are furious. 

And Eric Adams is sweating like a pig after outrage ensues over this migrant plan.

New Yorkers are learning the hard way that illegal immigration is bad for America 

Over the last decade or so, the sanctuary state and sanctuary city movement infested nearly every Democrat-controlled part of America. 

In an attempt to prove how “accepting” they are, lawmakers in a number of blue states and cities deemed themselves as sanctuary states or cities, which means they will not enforce immigration laws, encouraging illegal aliens to their communities. 

But as a direct result of Joe Biden’s weak border policies, America’s southern border with Mexico is in a state of unmitigated chaos. 

Thousands of illegal immigrants flow into America on a daily basis, and with them comes fentanyl, illegal weapons, and other contraband. 

Understandably, Texas is not willing to house all of these illegal aliens and is sending them to cities that claim to welcome them, like New York City. 

However, now that illegal aliens are showing up to New York City in droves, New Yorkers have changed their tune. 

In a desperate attempt to house the throngs of illegal aliens showing up to the Big Apple, Mayor Eric Adams and city officials are housing illegal aliens in public school gyms among other places. 

As a result, parents are outraged, and many are voicing their outrage in the media and to Eric Adams directly. 

One outraged parent, Lakeisha Bowers, whose son graduated from a Brooklyn school being used for migrant housing told Fox News “It was very hurtful, parents were outraged. We just feel that there wasn’t enough time, enough notice for parents. … Friday morning when they came to school is when they found out. And then Saturday night, they were there.”

This migrant crisis is revealing a lot about liberal voters 

Elections have consequences, and New York City (which votes overwhelmingly for Democrats) is learning this the hard way. 

Many liberal policies such as sanctuary cities serve one purpose, and that is to make liberals feel good about themselves. 

But when migrants arrive at the door, the tune changes, and all of a sudden they do not want them in their city. 

The same leftists who have decried the border crisis as “Republican talking points” are learning the border crisis is everything but. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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