Eric Adams is steaming with rage after illegal aliens do the unthinkable in NYC

America’s southern border with Mexico is in the midst of an unmitigated crisis, there is simply no other way of putting it.

The effects of this crisis are far-reaching, and by now nearly every single American can feel the impact of mass illegal immigration.

Now even Eric Adams is steaming with rage after illegal aliens do the unthinkable in NYC.

New York’s sanctuary city law is proving to be a complete disaster

America is under attack. Each and every day, thousands of illegal aliens flood into America with no end in sight.

A major reason for this invasion is the pro-illegal immigration policies that have been passed by Joe Biden and his Democrat allies all across the nation.

One policy in particular that has attracted droves of illegal aliens is the so-called sanctuary city or sanctuary state laws.

These laws allow illegal aliens to live in their jurisdiction without fear of prosecution by state or local law enforcement officials for their illegal presence in the country.

These laws are not only a flagrant defiance of federal law, but they have also attracted millions of illegal aliens into the nation.

As a result of their pro-crime and pro-illegal immigration policies combined with an influx of illegal aliens from bussing programs coordinated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a massive flood of illegal aliens has come to New York City.

Almost as soon as the first busload of illegal aliens arrived in New York City, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has been lamenting their presence in the city.

The biggest concern for Eric Adams and New York City officials is where to put these busloads of illegal aliens.

Eric Adams has said that he will work on developing low-income housing for these illegal aliens, and in the meantime, he ordered that they be placed in luxury hotels.

One hotel that they were placed in is the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, which provided them luxurious accommodation as well as plenty of food all at the expense of taxpayers.

Despite having these very generous accommodations, many of these illegal aliens are complaining that they are not good enough for them, and are refusing to leave now that their time in the hotel is up.

Understandably, Eric Adams is furious about the ungratefulness and stubbornness of these illegal aliens.

It is hard to feel bad for Eric Adams and New Yorkers, who have passed one ridiculous pro-illegal immigration law after another in recent years.

Now, these leftists are finally paying the price for their terrible policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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