Eric Adams is sputtering for answers after terrified commuters raise hell

Crime is still out of control in most Democrat-controlled parts of America nearly three years after the George Floyd riots. 

Many communities are figuring out how to undo the damage that the “woke” Left brought to them, but one thing is for certain, crime is still a raging fire that needs to be put out. 

And now, Eric Adams is sputtering for answers after commuters raise hell. 

New Yorkers must put an end to crime in their city 

In New York City, commuting has become a very dangerous task. 

Crime has exploded in the subways and drivers are reckless and especially inconsiderate as a direct result of the cities inability to get a hold on crime. 

Following the death of George Floyd, New York and many other cities rolled out a series of pro-crime policies including cashless bail, reduced penalties for many crimes, and even the abolition of enforcing “minor crimes” like traffic violations and petty theft. 

Although some of these policies are no longer in place or have been dialed back, law-abiding citizens have paid a big price, and stories of attacks on New York’s subways and streets have become a daily occurrence. 

Last Thursday night, 56-year-old Eugene Schroeder paid the ultimate price for New York’s culture of crime and violence. 

Per ABC7, Eugene Schroeder was biking from the gym late Thursday night when he was hit by a vehicle. 

Schroeder was inflicted with severe head trauma and died from his injuries soon afterward. 

The driver did not stop, and police are investigating this as a hit-and-run.  

Nobody has come forward, and police are still searching for a suspect in the deadly act. 

Hit-and-run crimes are a prime example of the humanity that many cities have lost

Per the NYPD, between October 2021 and October 2022 violent crime increased by nearly 6%.

Many New Yorkers still feel that they can commit crimes without fear of prosecution. 

Eric Adams has voiced his outrage over these crime increases but has yet to make any significant strides toward getting a grip on this crime. 

Crime will keep going up until the public says enough is enough 

Meaningful criminal justice reform, this time in the favor of law and order, must begin with the general public. 

Forcing lawmakers to clamp down on crime is the first step towards making cities like New York safer. 

Chaos and panic have ensued as a result of a string of violent attacks on New York’s public transportation and roads. 

If New York hopes to attract new business and workers, then protecting them must become a top priority, or else New York will continue to lose its allure. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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