Eric Adams is baffled after the unthinkable happened to an unsupervised minor

It ought to go without saying that parents must ensure that their children are safe and not out causing trouble.

In many American cities, kids are allowed to roam free, creating chaos and mayhem.

And now Eric Adams is baffled after the unthinkable happened to an unsupervised minor.

Parents must be held accountable for their children

In many cases, unsupervised minors are at the center of most mayhem and crime that is happening in many American cities.

These young people form large groups, and out of boredom or as a result of bad parenting, they wreak havoc on cities.

Shoplifting, vandalism, and other crimes are a daily occurrence among these mobs of unsupervised minors.

However, what an unsupervised minor just did in New York City is sending shockwaves across the country.

According to the New York Police Department, last Monday evening “a 15-year-old boy’s head slammed into a metal beam while he rode on top of a subway train crossing the Williamsburg Bridge around 6:55 p.m.”

The 15-year-old was identified as Zackery Nazario and he died as a result of the injury.

Following the death of Nazario, New York City Transit President Richard Davey told the press that “We cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to ride on the outside of trains. Our hearts go out to loved ones at yet another tragic time. We implore other families to speak with their children on the real dangers of what can seem like a thrill but is too often deadly.”

Just three months ago another 15-year-old also died after trying to ride on top of a train in New York City.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department told PIX11 “Riding on the outside of a subway car is not only illegal but incredibly dangerous. Each year we see riders, many of them teens, killed or seriously injured engaging in so-called subway surfing. We enforce rules prohibiting moving between the train cars in order to combat this dangerous behavior,”

Police Officers should not have to serve as glorified babysitters

Making sure children are accounted for and safe is a basic responsibility of parents.

Yet time after time, groups of young adults and children can be seen running around New York, doing as they please.

Not only is this irresponsible, but it is resulting in the death of children, which could easily be prevented.

Parents must start taking more responsibility for their children.

Police Departments ought to start parents accountable for the actions of their children, especially if a death occurs or if there was a crime committed.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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