Eric Adams delivers another blow to NYC school children—and his bad ideas are following them home

Cafeteria lunches were never considered fine dining, but today’s school children are getting an especially raw deal. 

Now Eric Adams just delivered another blow to NYC school children.

And his bad ideas are following them home.

Despite trying to come off as a tough-on-crime former cop, Eric Adams has governed more like someone fully on-board with the radical Left’s unhinged agenda. 

Now he’s announced that New York City will fall in line with the likes of Bill Gates, AOC, the World Economic Forum, and a cabal of globalists at the United Nations to push what looks like a deeply-disturbing experiment involving school kids’ lunches.

The program recently announced by the mayor of America’s largest city seems hell-bent on malnourishing New York school kids in the name of climate change. 

Bill Gates has been campaigning for some time to replace the classic American hamburger with ground up crickets or lab grown meat. 

Now Adams is doubling down on that plan, not only forcing the children in Big Apple schools to suffer through “Meatless Mondays” but to now also endure “Vegan Fridays.”

Kids denied protein from meat twice weekly in meatless drive promoted by American Express and C40 mayors’ group

That announcement comes as Adams places the burden of accomplishing the impossible by putting it on the shoulders of children and families to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 33%. 

Obviously, a massive city like NYC is going to have a big carbon footprint due to its sheer density and the number of people exhaling there. 

Browbeating citizens over every bite certainly isn’t a solution—unless he plans to drive people out of the city for good. 

In addition to implementing “Vegan Fridays” in school cafeterias, Adams has made a vegan menu the default in NYC hospitals. 

On top of that, he’s inked a downright creepy deal with American Express and C40 – a climate change group of over 100 urban mayors .

Program would help map meat eaters

According to a press release, New York City is “joining London and 13 other cities in the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration to increase access to balanced and nutritious food and waste less food.”

While the whole mess is couched in all kinds of leftist blather, much of it appears to amount to a mapping project to help bureaucrats effectively punish meat eaters under the guise of fighting climate change. 

According to C40’s website, “the consumption-based emissions inventories will enable London and New York City to develop a suite of actions to incentivise more sustainable consumption in collaboration with people and businesses. The project will also pioneer new ways for other cities to measure emissions from urban consumption.” 

In other words, Eric Adams and other big city mayors will apparently take nutritious, meat-based meals away from school children in order to see if it will lower their cities’ ESG scores or something. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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