Elizabeth Warren went mad over this jaw-dropping open-air event in Boston

Take a walk down any given city street in America, and one thing will become very obvious. America has a drug problem that has gotten out of control.

Drugs have proliferated the streets of America, and people feel emboldened to shoot up and tweak out whenever and wherever.

With this in mind, Elizabeth Warren just went mad over this jaw-dropping open-air event in Boston.

Drugs have completely taken over America’s communities

For decades, drug abuse has been a major problem in America, and countless people die every year from overdoses and other drug-related deaths.

What has changed are the drugs people decide to take, and the ease these people have in obtaining them.

Drugs are easier than ever to obtain as a direct result of pro-crime policies passed by the radical Left.

This is extremely obvious in Boston’s Mass & Cass corridor which has become an open-air drug market over the years.

This part of Boston, which is defined by its sprawling homeless encampment is home to over 150 bums who openly sell and use drugs, despite the city of Boston’s failed attempts to clear the area up.

Just recently, fed-up citizens in Boston described this area as a “Fiesta” where people are presumably using a wide variety of hard drugs, and getting very sick and even passing out from these drugs, with little to no fear of prosecution.

Democrat politicians such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would like you to believe that they are outraged, but the truth is much more sinister.

Liberals like Warren are rejoicing in this utter chaos because it makes it seem like this is a problem that is out of their control.

The absolute last thing Democrats want is for voters to realize that these streets can be cleaned up, and once upon a time, this sort of lawlessness was not tolerated.

If the people of Boston, and other liberal cities for that matter, can’t remember what civil society was like then the authoritarians can ram through whatever they want.

What will it take for city streets to be cleaned up

The biggest question many outraged citizens are asking is what will it take to clean up the streets.

It all begins with getting rid of pro-crime Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of Massachusetts’ far-Left delegation in Congress.

Getting rid of the socialists who are running Boston into the ground is a good place to start as well.

Drug dealers, drug users, and violent bums need to realize that their depraved lifestyle is unacceptable.

Sending these low lives to jail is the only way to send a resounding message.

The people of Boston, and other large cities should not fear for their lives every time they leave their homes.

Hard drugs have completely destroyed many parts of America, yet Democrats do not seem to give a damn as long as they are winning elections.

That is why defeating these maniacs must be a top priority for those who wish to live a civilized, and safe society.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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