Elizabeth Warren signals war is coming for this nearly 400-year-old symbol.

The Left is in the midst of cultural war, and many symbols of America are in their crosshairs. 

Revising history is a top priority for Democrats, who cannot tolerate anything that defies their “woke” agenda. 

And now Elizabeth Warren has signaled war is coming for this nearly 400-year-old symbol. 

As a result of the Democrat party surrendering to the woke mob, cherished symbols of America and America’s history are under attack. 

Many states and cities have voted to change the names of schools, parks, and buildings named after former presidents and leaders. 

In 2021 for example, the city of San Francisco voted to change the names of 44 schools that had names they deemed to be “problematic”.  Abraham Lincoln was among those names. 

This has since been overturned, but it has not stopped the Left.

Erasing American history 

In Massachusetts, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is yet again aligning with far-left “activists” – this time stating her support for efforts to change the Massachusetts Flag and State Seal. 

The State Seal of Massachusetts traces its history back nearly 400 years to the seal of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which featured an image of an Indian and pine trees.

The image of the native american was used for coat of arms of the new Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1780, when it got updated with the Latin motto “Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem” – which roughly translates to “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”

Elizabeth Warren, who infamously faced backlash over claiming American Indian heritage, evidently agrees with local activists who say the motto and depiction of an Indian are ‘problematic’ symbols of ‘white supremacy culture’ which they believe led to “the disappearance of the Native American world.”

“There are people who are reconsidering the flag in Massachusetts, and I support those efforts,” Senator Warren told Fox News.


One person Elizabeth is referring to is Linda Lu Burciaga who ranted to the Newburyport Daily News about how the states motto perpetuates white supremacy. 

She added that the belt that the Indian is wearing  “was patterned by the illustrator after the red flannel belt of Wampanoag leader Metacomet, who was the leader of the first native war of resistance against English colonization. His severed head was impaled on a pike and displayed in Plymouth for more than 20 years as a war trophy. That’s just one part of the depiction.”

An armed, peace-and-liberty-seeking anyone is the problem

The leftist activists are essentially admitting flatout that their bigger problem is with liberty than it is with the depiction of an Indian on the flag.

There have been no official proposals for an alternative design for the Massachusetts flag and seal, but who knows what blue state activists will want incorporated in any new design.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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