Elizabeth Warren has some explaining to do after the unthinkable happened to a civil rights leader

America is in the midst of a crime surge, and this is especially true in most liberal-controlled places.

Years of pro-crime policies have completely destroyed society, and the harm at this point may be irreparable.

But now, Elizabeth Warren has some explaining to do after the unthinkable happens to a civil rights leader.

Crime has completely destroyed many parts of America

When it comes to America’s many domestic issues, few are as pressing and costly as America’s crime crisis.

In just about every community, especially those run by Democrats, crime is through the roof with no end in sight.

One Democrat-controlled city that has seen a particularly nasty crime spike is Boston.

This crime crisis was made painfully evident when an elderly woman and local civil rights leader was viciously attacked.

According to Boston’s WCVB 5, 91-year-old Jean McGuire was walking her dog late last Tuesday night when she was attacked and stabbed multiple times.

Jean McGuire is a well known community leader and was the first Black woman on the Boston School Committee and a founder of the largest and second-longest continuously running voluntary school desegregation program in the country – The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO).

The good news is, McGuire is expected to survive the brutal attack but will likely have mental scars until the day she dies.

Her sister, Jeriline Brady-McGinnis claimed that “She believes he was trying to rape her.”

She went on to say, “She said when he knocked her down, he was groping her and touching on her.”

Unsurprisingly, the attacker remains at large and police do not appear to have any serious leads.

Vicious and horrifying attacks like this one are commonplace in major leftist cities like Boston.

Attack so violent and depraved that left-wing Boston Mayor was forced to speak up – no word on Sen. Liz Warren

This attack was so violent and depraved that the mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, spoke out by saying “I am disgusted and angry to know that an elder in our community had to fear for her safety going about her daily routine, walking her dog.”

Crocodile tears from somebody who has supported far-Left violence her entire life.

If Democrat Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) dares to take a break from encouraging women to kill unborn babies, you can believe that’s all she’ll have.

If Democrats ever actually want to stop horrific crimes like this from occurring then they’ll need to stop playing woke games.

For years the Left has made it their mission to bash and demonize police every chance they get.

This along with weak DA’s refusing to uphold the law have created a perfect storm for lawlessness and depravity.

Boston has now become a city where elderly women cannot walk their dogs without being attacked.

If there is any good that can come out of this attack then hopefully it will be that this attack will open the eyes of lawmakers who have ignored this crime surge for too long.

Nobody should ever get the call that their grandma is in the hospital being treated for stab wounds.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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