Duane Reade just did something no one ever expected

The Left’s surrender to criminals is making it harder and harder on law-abiding citizens.

Democrats are now seeing just how bad it’s gotten.

But now Duane Reade has done something they ever expected.

One sad photo proves crime in Democrat cities has gotten ridiculous.

Pro-crime policies are making Democrat-run cities unlivable.

Violence began to spike in 2020 with months of prolonged rioting and looting, and crime has not calmed down much since.

Property theft has gotten particularly bad.

New York City stores are locking up cans of Spam.

Hormel foods, maker of Spam probably never expected they’d see this day come.

The New York Post reported that “inflation and crime have gotten so bad in Gotham that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up. At Duane Reade’s store in the Port Authority bus depot, the shelf-stable product — only $3.99 a can — is now being stocked in plastic, anti-theft cases. ‘I’ve never seen that before!’ one cashier laughed while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage.”

Theft has gotten so bad in cities like New York and San Francisco, pharmacies have been forced to close down.

Leftists insanely make excuses for these crimes such as looting is a form of reparations or the companies have insurance.

Even if stores have insurance, their premiums go up, which means the businesses defray costs by raising prices, and that falls on consumers.

Theft is why people in socio-economically depressed areas pay higher prices for inferior goods and services.

Or stores close down altogether, which creates “food deserts.”

Now poor people have to travel longer distances for food and basic items.

Per usual, pro-crime policies—like most Democrat policies—hurt the people they claim to help.

In San Francisco, at least 17 Walgreens were shut down because of rampant shoplifting; theft under $950 is essentially not prosecuted.

San Francisco finally got fed up and recalled far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was funded by George Soros.

But Manhattan has a Soros puppet of its own, Alvin Bragg.

The same problems will continue to crop up until citizens put their foot down and say they’ve had enough of the inane policies that make life worse for everyone except criminals.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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