Donald Trump would have had her back

The Corporate-controlled media tries to hide anything that doesn’t fit their narrative.

You won’t hear about this one New York woman from them. 

But you can believe Donald Trump would have had her back.

Any offense, real or imagined, inflicted by Conservatives is magnified exponentially by the corporate-controlled media.

But the exact opposite is true when the shoe is really on the other foot.

So your blood will boil when you hear about this crime inflicted on a grandmother.

Jill LeCroix is a 57-year-old grandma of five and on July 9th she was left bleeding after she was attacked by three black women while riding the city bus.

Now the attack is being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force.

LeCroix said, “Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’  “I said, ‘I love him.’ I didn’t see which one hit me first. The one with the green hair, she was saying she hates white people, the way they talk, hates white skin, the way their skin cracks. Saying she was gangsta.” 

The bartender was on her way to visit her mother when the attack occurred and further recalled, “I was the only white person on the bus. By the time we started passing St. John’s Cemetery on Woodhaven, she started in on me, saying, ‘That’s where I’m going to bury you!’ She had a bag from Bath and Body Works, and she took out a scrub and said she was going to beat me with it. It was tangerine. She said, ‘You’re going to get what you deserve! All white people are going to get what they deserve.’ It was crazy.”

LeCroix, who just happens to have three biracial children, said she needed three staples to close the gash on her head and didn’t even realize how bad the wound was until one of the bus passengers said, “Uh-oh, you’re bleeding pretty bad.” 

She recounted, “The one with the green hair was the mouth, but they were looking for trouble. When they got on the back door of the bus, they were laughing, and the one with the pink hair said, ‘Yeah, I kicked that baby stroller!’ ”

Police put out video of her suspected attackers, including one with bright-green hair. 

Unfortunately for the victim, this incident is just part of a larger trend in deep blue NYC.

According to NYPD statistics, crime in New York City increased by 27.8%, with 10,414 crimes in May 2022 compared to 8,149 in May 2021. The number of murders, grand larcenies and felony assaults have increased by double-digit percentages as well.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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