Donald Trump can’t wipe the smile off his face after he made a power move to box The Swamp in

Donald Trump accomplished more than any President in recent history when it came to making good on his biggest campaign promises. 

Draining “The Swamp” was clearly the work of more than four years. 

Now, he can’t wipe the smile off his face after he won a strategic play to box The Washington, D.C. Swamp in. 

The Virginia GOP executive candidate team absolutely stunned Democrats in November 2021 when Glenn Youngkin swept into the Governor’s office along with Virginia’s first black female Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, and the state’s first Latino Attorney General, Jason Miyares. 

Their win was a resounding rebuke to “woke” leftists pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the gender confusion agenda.

For Donald Trump it was also the most prominent early political win after he lost the oval office and stepped into endorsing candidates as leader of the GOP. 

Younkin’s win and early aggressive stance against leftists was especially maddening for Washington, D.C. leftists and RINOs because the vast majority of people who work in the nation’s capitol end up living in the blue enclaves of Northern Virginia and Maryland. 

Now as the critical Midterm elections approach in November, Donald Trump is gleefully anticipating his opportunity to drive the swamp dwellers crazy by getting another powerful MAGA governor to cover the other flank of the D.C. metro area. 

So far, things are going according to Trump’s plan as Dan Cox—Trump’s pick for the Old Line State—just won his primary race. 

As predicted, Democrats and their buddies in the corporate-controlled media are absolutely melting down as Cox who was at the January 6 Rally in Washington, D.C. ahead of the riot, handily won his nomination. 

Cox pulled ahead of an entire field of Republicans with 54% of the vote. 

While polling shows Democrats face a tough Midterm election cycle, in recent months Democrats have tried to close the gap between themselves and Republicans with their Roe v. Wade related drama. 

However, with skyrocketing crime and inflation, insane fuel prices, and Joe Biden’s self-awareness continuing to get worse, voters are reminded on a daily basis that Joe Biden’s party is failing them. 

And citizens in blue states like Maryland are hit the hardest.

Cox is also focusing on some of the hot issues that helped Youngkin win big in Virginia: respecting parental rights, nixing CRT, and keeping all kinds of leftist indoctrination out of classrooms. 

No doubt, the elite Washington, D.C. political establishment will be doing everything they can to keep Cox out of power before he helps pave the way for Donald Trump’s White House comeback. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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