District Attorney breaks into truth-telling mode in feud with Gavin Newsom over heart-breaking case

Leftist policies in their purest forms almost always carry heavy collateral damage costs.

Now Gavin Newsom has blood on his hands according to one District Attorney.

And she just broke into truth-telling mode in her feud with Gavin Newsom over this heart-breaking case.

California’s Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa Smittcamp, came down hard on Governor Gavin Newsom recently saying he has blood on his hands following the death of a young police officer.

That news comes after 24-year-old police officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. was killed this past week.

Police recruit killed by suspect out on probation after prison realignment

Police believe the Selma Police Department recruit was killed by a 23-year-old convict who was out of prison thanks to California’s AB 109 probation law.

Immediately following the police officer’s death Smittcamp issued a statement not only holding Newsom accountable, but also calling out “every legislator in the state of California who supports this over-reaching phenomenon they try to disguise as legitimate criminal justice reform.”

She pointed out that the suspected killer has admitted to being part of a gang and should have been in prison through much of 2027 based on his original sentence on charges related to his past violent criminal history.

“However, because of laws passed in the last few years that give additional credits for time served in local jail, and other new laws which allow for arbitrary ‘accelerated time credits’ upon entry to the prison system, his release date was set for August 23, 2022, a mere 5 months after his original sentence,” Smittcamp pointed out in a statement.

“He was eventually released in late September 2022 and placed on Post Release Community Supervision when he should have been serving more time in prison,” she added.

“The Governor and certain members of the California legislature have created a warped system that allows active and violent criminals to receive arbitrary ‘time credits’ in an effort to reduce the state prison population to reach their goals of closing more prison facilities,” she went on to explain.

“The Governor and his political allies who continue the quest to close state prisons are increasing the incidents of violence to everyone who lives in, or visits, the state of California. No city or county is safe from the wrath of this misguided thinking, and this mismanaged prison system,” she noted.

Newsom, who is focusing all his time and energy on going after firearms instead of the people misusing them, fired back blaming Smittcamp for prosecuting the case incorrectly.

“She should blame herself,” he said during one of his gun grabbing press conferences. “I’ve been listening to this for years from her. She has the prosecutorial discretion. Ask her what she did in terms of prosecuting that case. I’m sick and tired of being lectured by her on public safety. Sick and tired.”

Of course, that went over like a lead balloon considering that Smittcamp did go after the criminal and managed to secure a prison sentence that ultimately wasn’t honored thanks to Newsom and his leftist buddies.

“Governor Newsom continues to demonstrate his ignorance and lack of understanding of how the criminal justice system works,” Smittcamp complained. “His arrogant and defensive response is proof positive that he is attempting to deflect responsibility for his failed policies, but he also proves, once again, his lack of understanding of the sentencing structure and process in which criminal cases are handled in the Superior Courts of the State of California.”

Not only does Newsom seem to be clueless about how the law works—despite having carved out a career as a politician—it seems he’s determined to willfully ignore how human nature works.

No amount of going after inanimate objects in his crusade to achieve gun control is going to make California safer.

Gun control policies are nothing more than an expansion of government control over law abiding citizens.

The harder Newsom and his leftist buddies work to implement pro-crime policies alongside gun control initiatives, the more the Golden State will become a golden opportunity for criminal elements.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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