Democrats memory-holed one horrific crime for this ridiculous reason

The corporate-controlled press picks and chooses which crime stories it wants to go national.

Local crime stories get amplified when they fit into a broader left-wing agenda.

And Democrats memory-holed one horrific crime for this ridiculous reason.

A psychopath walked into a church in Orange County, California and shot six parishioners, killing one.

The horrific crime was thwarted when others in the church subdued the man and hog-tied him before he could do anymore damage.

The so-called “mainstream” media briefly flirted with the story, but moved on because there was no political hay to be made.

The shooter was a Chinese immigrant who was attacking churchgoers of Taiwanese descent.

The Chinese Communist Party does not recognize the independence of Taiwan and believe the island nation is part of China, similar to Hong Kong and Tibet.

The Democrats can’t spin the story into a grand narrative about American racism, so it quickly went away.

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has become an enemy to the Democrat establishment for criticizing their corruption, called out the obvious agenda of the Fake News Media.

The corporate-controlled press gave the disgusting Waukesha massacre similar treatment in their coverage.

A far-left black nationalist mowed down dozens of white people in a Christmas parade – killing six and injuring 62 – and the story was off the front page of the Milwaukee Sun-Sentinel, CNN, and other left-wing outlets in less than a day.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the Democrats are going all-in on the gut-wrenching mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

The murderer in that case was an actual white supremacist, so the Democrat Media Complex has ratcheted up the rhetoric to eleven.

Even abortion has been knocked off the front page for the time being.

Democrats are hoping to blame Tucker Carlson and the Republican Party at large for the actions of a psycho who explicitly hated Fox News and conservatives in his inane “manifesto.”

Biden is traveling to Buffalo for a photo op, something he didn’t even bother to do after the Waukesha tragedy.

The Democrats will milk the story for all it’s worth because they must deflect from Biden’s horrendous economic record.

As for the Orange County church shooting, some Democrats will blame guns even though California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

If the Democrats didn’t have Fake News Media propaganda on their side, they wouldn’t have much of anything at all.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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