Democrats just elevated this ‘revolution… will happen in the hood’ teacher to fill a vacant Colorado House seat

Democrats are lurching further to the extreme left.

The shift is making it harder for them to pretend that they are moderates.

And Democrats just elevated this ‘revolution… will happen in the hood’ teacher to fill a vacant Colorado House seat. 

Unhinged radicals are trying to make Colorado, California again

Colorado Democrats decided to select an avowed Marxist to fill a seat in the state’s House of Representatives.

Former Aurora West Preparatory Academy teacher Tim Hernández replaced Serena Gonzalez-Gutierrez, who was elected to the Denver City Council.

Hernández has made many radical statements including calling for a “FORCEFUL Cultural revolution.”

Hilariously, Democrats try to pretend as though cultural Marxism is some right-wing conspiracy theory.

Here is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist calling for cultural revolution.

Hernández said at a union rally, “Your [communist] theory will not save you. The revolution… will happen in the hood. It will not be led by who understand Lenin best, it will not be led by the deepest Marxists…The revolution will be led by the people…And I say all of this because I’m a teacher.” 

Did they miss his reference harkening back to a historic bloody purge revered by Communists

It’s hard to determine what’s scarier, that someone who’d think that reference is okay, is in state government, or that he was shaping young minds at a school.

The world should never forget the great “Cultural Revolution” – a purge targeting dissenters launched by Chinese Communist despot Mao Zedong in 1966 which led to millions of deaths,

Prior to working at Aurora Prep Academy, Hernández’s contract was not renewed at a Denver public school because an administrator described him as being “aggressive, divisive, and attacking.”

After his selection, Hernández said, “The people of Denver’s Northside and Westside deserve a representative who has lived experiences with our community’s struggles. I am happy to say today that the people of HD4 elected a teacher, a Chicano and a Northsider…I am hopeful and excited that we will work to dismantle oppressive policies in Colorado and in the communities I have the privilege of representing.” 

He’s preaching the same warmed-over Marxism that has led to death and decay everywhere it’s been attempted.

Hernández wrote on Twitter in 2021, “Am I denying the freedom to uphold White supremacy? If so, I am in favor of that denial. And, White supremacy is CURRENTLY upheld by force. So yes, I’m advocating a FORCEFUL cultural revolution wherein we assert the dignity of life for all at the expense of White supremacy…We’re talking about Whiteness and White supremacy. And I’m willing to advocate for any form of disruption to it and every manifestation it has.”

At a 2021 rally in Memphis, Hernández said, “A lot of people call me a ‘unicorn.’ I am not an anomaly.”

Sadly, he is correct.

At least two generations of students have been subjected to flat-out Marxist teachings in university social sciences, particularly departments of education.

There are far more Tim Hernándezes in education than anyone on the center-Left or even the Right wants to admit.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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