Democrats in one deep blue state are fearful they just might lose the Governor’s mansion this year

The party’s over in what used to be an upscale blue oasis.

Leftist policies have taken their inevitable toll.

And now Democrats in one deep blue state are fearful they just might lose the Governor’s mansion this year.

Former State Senator Betsy Johnson is primed to create all kinds of drama for the Democrat Party faithful this year.

A poll from DHM Research found that Johnson has a real shot at winning as Governor outside of official party affiliation.

While she initially performed as you’d expect for a third-party candidate – coming in with an anticipated 11% of the vote – the research firm found that she appears to have a winning message.

DHM pollsters pulled some information from Johnson’s website and read it to respondents before asking who they would support.

“Johnson says that she is a no-nonsense independent leader and that she is loyal only to the people of Oregon,” pollsters said. “She thinks that Oregonians deserve better than the excesses and nonsense of the extreme left and radical right.”

That message resulted in 30% saying they would vote for Johnson, 24% saying they would support a generic Democrat, 17% saying they would support a generic Republican, and 30% saying they’re undecided.

Considering that the former Democrat already has $2.3 million in her campaign fund, it seems likely she’ll have the ammunition to launch an all-out effort to get her message out.

“I’m grateful to everyone from across party lines and across Oregon for helping our independent campaign get off to a strong start,” Johnson said in a statement. “I only wish I had more time to return calls – we’d have even more in the account!”

Johnson is a longtime Democrat from Salem who is also a lawyer.

Her father, the late Samuel Johnson, was a Republican House member.

It’s no wonder Johnson is ready to abandon her party.

Sticking with leftist policies has absolutely devastated the Western state.

Decriminalizing possession of all types of drugs and allowing legal marijuana growing has attracted all kinds of unsavory business to Oregon – including international drug cartels growing for the black market.

Mental illness is at an all-time high in the state.

And things are so bad with homeless encampments all over Portland that a local television station ran a special series entitled, “Is Portland Over?”

Loyal leftists may not like it, but it’s only a matter of time before they are forced to cave to practicality and abandon the sheer stupidity radical Democrats have been peddling.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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