Democrats have allowed one problem to get nightmarishly out of control

Democrat leadership is finally having its feet held to the fire.

Cities with nary a Republican leader in sight are quickly decaying.

Now Democrats have allowed one problem to get nightmarishly out of control.

Homelessness has turned into a crisis in major American cities, particularly on the west coast.

Cities like Seattle and San Francisco are struggling mightily with people living in squalor on the streets.

But the epicenter of the American homelessness crisis resides in Los Angeles.

In years past, homelessness was confined to Skid Row near Downtown, but the problem has gradually spread all across the city.

Now every underpass in the city looks like a shantytown with trash strewn everywhere and zombified drug addicts shambling about.

And the problem has led to an alarming number of tragic homeless deaths in Los Angeles.

Even the failing New York Times was forced to admit that “the unsheltered died in record numbers, an average of five homeless deaths a day, most in plain view of the world around them. Two hundred eighty-seven homeless people took their last breath on the sidewalk, 24 died in alleys and 72 were found on the pavement, according to data from the county coroner.”

Sleepy beach communities have been overrun with transients and drug needles.

This is what happens when leftists deem it “compassionate” to allow the mentally ill and people struggling with addiction to live on the street with zero repercussions.

The Left call it “punching down” to criticize the life choices of the homeless and hold them accountable.

Instead they have allowed them to die in the streets as they bury their heads in the sand.

Most of the homeless are men dying slow deaths of despair.

Studies show that the ratio of unclaimed bodies at morgues between men and women is two to one.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said, “As men get older they tend to be less good at building and maintaining relationships . . . When people do not have a safety net to catch them in the form of community and strong healthy relationships, it’s much more likely they end up struggling with substance use disorders, with mental illness and homelessness.”

Meanwhile, leftists claim that the United States is a patriarchy.

The Left has to ignore a lot of suffering to make their claims.

In order to get the homelessness crisis under control, it’s going to take a tough-love approach.

For example, staying clean needs to be a condition of housing.

In radical left-wing cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, it is not.

Homelessness fuels drug abuse and crime, which affects everyone in the city.

Leftists have done enough damage.

It’s time to put the adults in charge again.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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