Democrats got control of one city in this red state—and what happened next is truly horrifying

One part of the country known as home to one of the most opulent estates in the nation is suddenly gaining notoriety for a completely different reason.

The change comes after Democrats got control of one city in a red state.

And what happened next is truly horrifying.

Asheville, NC is a blue dot in a red state—and it’s quickly turning into a crime capital in the region.

Historically, the small city with a population of about 90,000 people has been an upscale oasis that happened to be home to the 8,000-acre Biltmore estate originally commissioned by George Vanderbuilt.

Policies in Democrat-controlled Asheville catapulted it to among worst cities nationally

But now with the help of Democrats, the city has vaulted into the top 10% of most violent cities in America.

Thanks to Democrats’ destructive policies, 11 murders have already been committed within city limits this year—and there’s plenty of time for more crimes to be committed before the year is up.

Local residents were already shell shocked in 2020 when ten murders were committed on top of 45 people being shot and 57 stabbed.

Between 2016 and 2020 violent crime in the city shot up by 31%—about double the national average.

And the reason why is obvious.

“I think what you’re seeing in Asheville right now is a culmination of the last several years of pulling police back and not letting them do their jobs like they’re able to do,” former Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan told Fox News Digital.

The 31% increase in violent crime mirrors another trend: Asheville’s Police Department has lost about a third of its officers.

Duncan, a longtime registered Democrat, got out of law enforcement and left the Party in 2018 due to “an anti-law enforcement sentiment in the Democratic Party right now,” according to the Asheville Citizen Times.

He told Fox News that even back when he was in office, before 2020’s Black Lives Matter riots “left-wing activists” from outside the community would sweep in to disrupt community meetings. “They would really try to get into it with the police, and a lot of times, they would try to shout down things.”

“And the first people who quit coming to those meetings were the people within the community,” he added. “They really didn’t get to speak, and they really didn’t get anything done.”

The chairman of the Buncombe County GOP, Chad Nesbitt, says Asheville has become a “hub of Antifa” in the region.

“It’s devastating what they’ve done here in town and the Asheville area,” Nesbitt said.

He’s been tracking Antifa activity closely since he suffered a brain injury—and was nearly killed—during protests in downtown Asheville after a verdict was announced in the Breonna Taylor case in 2020.

Meanwhile, Asheville police officers are just trying to get through one day at a time.

Officers sound the alarm

“Crime will continue to rise when there is no accountability for subjects of a crime,” An officer speaking to Fox News anonymously said. “Officers overlook so many things because they know that it will go nowhere in court.”

The officer also cited leftist policies as a factor driving away good employees and predicted things in Asheville will go “downhill quickly” unless there’s a major leadership change.

In truth, real change will only come when a majority of Americans decide they’ve had enough of the political Left utterly destroying communities with policies that make criminals king and every law-abiding citizen a sitting duck.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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