Democrats’ failed radical policies are creating mass migration and causing major headaches

It’s been said that states are “laboratories of democracy” that can showcase how well or how poorly various governing philosophies fare upon implementation.

By any objective measure, the far-left ideas for governance have been an epic failure.

Now Democrats’ failed radical policies are creating mass migration and causing major headaches.

Democrat-run states are bleeding residents at a rapid pace and many are choosing to migrate to Republican-led states.

These residents are fleeing blue states because far-left policies have been an unmitigated disaster.

A new survey reveals that deep blue New Jersey led the nation with 70 percent of all people involved in moves fleeing the Garden State, compared to just 30 percent who migrated in.

Illinois, home of Lori Lightfoot’s crime-ridden Chicago was second on the list with 67 percent of moves resulting in residents exiting the state and just 27 percent comprising new arrivals.

New York was third with 63 percent of movers leaving, while just 37 percent decided to move in.

Connecticut and California virtually tied for fourth and fifth with each state seeing around 60 percent of moves involving people leaving the state and just 40 percent involving inbound moves.

In contrast, red states make up seven out of the top 10 states for inbound moves with Vermont, Oregon, and Rhode Island being the only blue states to make the list.

This mass exodus has been happening for well over a decade as Democrat-run cities (that dominate Democrat-run states) are now hotbeds of crime, homelessness, high drug use, and poor education.

The real culprit is far-left policies where ideologues coddle criminals and indoctrinate, rather than educate students in government-run schools.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “Americans want safe communities, good education options, and job opportunities. So they’re fleeing liberal-led states like California and moving to freedom-first places like Florida. Washington could learn from the mayors who are leading the trend.”

Additionally, fewer COVID restrictions, more affordable housing, religious freedom, and a better business climate are all advantageous in Republican-led states.

One bit of concern is that “leftugees” may not realize that it’s their voting habits that made their former blue state undesirable for habitation, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in places like Florida.

The late, great Rush Limbaugh used to say that conservatism works every time it is tried.

At the very least, an executive like Ron DeSantis, who unapologetically articulates the values and policies that work, sees that leadership rewarded in winning over new arrivals’ support.

Here’s to hoping other Republicans in similar positions take notice.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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