Democrats are slapping Americans in the face with one stunning measure

Democrats are sliding far outside the mainstream.

So-called progressives have dragged the party wildly to the Left.

Now Democrats are slapping Americans in the face with one stunning measure.

Globalist interests have completely captured the Democrat Party.

Democrats don’t even pretend to put the interests of American citizens first.

That became abundantly clear when New York City voted to extend local voting rights to any noncitizen who has established residence for at least 30 days.

National Review reports:

“The New York City Council on Thursday passed a bill that would allow an estimated 800,000 noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. The measure passed in a 33 to 14 vote with two abstentions and will become law unless Mayor Bill de Blasio steps in and vetoes the bill, though he has said he does not plan to do so. Even if the Democratic mayor has a change of heart, there was enough support on the council to override a veto.”

Democrats’ views on immigration show that they are prioritizing noncitizens over Americans.

For example, Joe Biden and the COVID regime have threatened Americans with termination if they do not abide by the unconstitutional vaccine mandate, but illegal aliens coming into the country are not being tested, quarantined, or vaccinated.

National Review continued:

“New York Republicans have threatened to challenge the bill, which they believe may be unconstitutional, and de Blasio has warned that the bill is unlikely to survive a legal challenge. The measure would allow noncitizens to vote for mayor, City Council members, and other municipal officeholders but would not allow them to vote in federal elections, such as for president or members of Congress, or in state elections that elect the governor, judges, and legislators.”

This was the inevitable next step for the Left.

Noncitizens in deep blue areas like San Francisco have already been permitted to vote in school board elections.

Now they will be able to have a say in who gets elected Mayor, which is absurd.

If the courts do not strike down this measure, then Democrats will fight for even more unfettered immigration into the country.

Over the course of several generations, immigrant groups tend to split evenly between Democrat and Republican.

However, Democrats don’t want assimilation to take place – they want waves of people constantly coming into the country.

Polls show that Democrats are losing their grip on Latino voters, so they need to import more people who will vote for Democrats 80% of the time.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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