Democrats are deeply worried one state could flip red for an eye-opening reason

Joe Biden’s policy failures are mounting.

And it’s having an effect on Democrats across the country.

Now Democrats are deeply worried one state could flip red for an eye-opening reason.

Virginia has shifted from red to purple to blue as the government has expanded and federal employees are buying homes beyond the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

But Democrats are nervous that Virginia could flip red unexpectedly.

Former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe is running again, and he’s facing a challenge from Republican Glenn Youngkin.

The Democrats are so concerned that The Washington Post is shining a spotlight on it.

The Post reports:

“Bruce Carlson considers himself mainly a Democrat. He voted for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for president and for Terry McAuliffe for governor back in 2013. But he won’t be voting to make McAuliffe Virginia’s governor for a second time. Carlson, a retired hospital administrator, is switching over to the Republican, Glenn Youngkin, because he believes public schools are pushing a radical agenda in which American history is portrayed as racist, and transgender kids are encouraged to use the bathroom of their choice.”

Republicans of the non-RINO variety have discovered that culture war issues are deeply important, especially considering cultural dominance is how the Left has seized so much ground politically.

Outside of partisan leftists, Americans do not like the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory and other radical ideas that the Democrats have taken mainstream.

Democrats in Virginia have tried to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump in an attempt to drive up blue turnout – the same tactic used against Larry Elder in his bid for Governor in the recent California recall election – but the gambit doesn’t appear to be working.

The Post continued:

“But the drive to link Youngkin to Trump isn’t going over with some voters. ‘It’s a tired tactic’, said Carlson, a 76-year-old retired hospital administrator in Winchester . . . Some Democrats similarly worry that McAuliffe’s focus on covid concerns may not be enough to overcome complacency on the part of some voters who came out in record numbers last fall to defeat Trump.”

If Democrats lose in the Virginia Gubernatorial race, they could be in serious trouble for the midterms next year.

McAuliffe let it slip during a conference call that Joe Biden was “unpopular” in Virginia.

Polls show that Biden’s favorability is dropping, so he will be a drag on the party moving forward, but he was the Democrats’ handpicked candidate so they have no choice but to sink with him.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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