Democrats are coming after your gun rights in a new and frightening way

Gun control activists are constantly going after the Second Amendment.

It certainly doesn’t help to have the most anti-gun administration in history sitting in the White House.

Now Democrats are coming after your gun rights in a new and frightening way.

California is quickly devolving into a dystopian nightmare.

Taxes are already sky high, and Democrats in the state want to raise them even higher to pay for universal healthcare.

Crime and homelessness are out of control, but leftists in the state are determined to crack down on gun ownership.

George Soros-funded Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón wants credit card companies to block the sale of gun kits.

Gascón said, “American Express, Mastercard and Visa have the ability to go beyond what any law enforcement agency, legislature or city council can accomplish. We are asking these companies to join us in stemming the flow of ghost guns into our communities by preventing a ghost gun kit from being sold with a few mere clicks on a smartphone or computer.”

California already has some of the harshest gun control laws in the country.

The Cato Institute rates California 49th in gun rights, and Everytown for Gun Safety – an organization founded by gun control fanatic Michael Bloomberg – ranked the Golden State “No. 1 in the country for gun law strength.”

Even without the potential credit card crackdown, California already has a so-called “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, waiting periods on purchases, limits on monthly firearm and ammunition purchases, and other prohibitions.

Former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whom Joe Biden appointed to Secretary of Health and Human Services, tried to institute a limit on magazine size, but a federal judge struck down the law.

Gascón’s plea to credit card companies is alarming on multiple fronts.

First, it shows how the establishment increasingly skirts Constitutional rights by bullying private companies to do their bidding.

This has become a serious problem in Big Tech and banking.

There is essentially no difference between the government violating Constitutional rights and strong-arming a private company to do it.

And as corporations have become increasingly “woke,” private companies are showing a willingness to follow state orders.

Also, Gascón and other far-left officials are bringing out anarcho-tyranny where criminals largely go unpunished and law-abiding citizens suffer heavy-handed crackdowns.

Americans are fleeing California in droves, and with officials like Gascón in charge, it’s easy to see why.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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