Democrats are backtracking on COVID regulations and it’s making the Hollywood elite furious

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are terrified they’ll lose control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

So scared, in fact, that they’re starting to do away with many of their beloved COVID mandates.

And as Democrats backtrack on COVID regulations the Hollywood elite are growing even more furious.

Former star of HBO’s Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon, has always been known as a radical leftist.

Nixon is known for promoting outrageous left-wing ideas like defunding the police and vaccine passports.

Well, unfortunately, for Nixon the so-called “science” her beloved leftists have been touting over the last two years is suddenly changing.

It’s obviously changing because Democrats are afraid they’ll lose control of Congress, not because any real science has changed, but their tyrannical policies are changing nonetheless.

Many Americans are furious with the Democrats for stringing them along for so long and then suddenly, as if by magic, rolling back the tyrannical, unconstitutional mandates they’ve forced on them to save their political hides.

Cynthia Nixon is one of those Americans who is mad about the changing COVID regulations, but not for the same reasons as most Americans.

Nixon is apparently furious that New York City is lifting its mask mandates and vaccine requirements.

According to Cynthia Nixon, the move to do away with mask mandates is a step backwards.

But, in true hypocritical Hollywood elitist fashion, Nixon’s statement comes at a strange time.

Shortly before her tweet bashing the Mayor of New York City, Nixon shared a lovely photo of her family on vacation in Kenya with friends – maskless.

Yet again, a member of the Hollywood elite shows they could care less about the American people.

This isn’t about staying safe, it’s about virtue signaling and declaring anything the Right does evil.

New York City was one of the most regulated cities in the country over the last two years, so when the Mayor starts lifting regulations, you know they’re really scared.

Starting Monday, New York City is formally lifting all vaccine requirements and indoor mask mandates, including in public schools.

The Biden administration is so aware of the problems they face in the upcoming midterm elections that they’re doing a full 180 on everything from mask mandates to vaccine requirements.

Unfortunately, it looks like some on the Left didn’t get the memo about the change in “science.”

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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