Democrat Congresswoman’s leaked texts reveal her unbelievably juvenile cat fight with fellow Democrat

Democrats put on a good front when it’s time to accuse Republicans of being “mean.”

But now two Democrats are humiliated after an unbelievably juvenile conversation leaks out.

And Democrat Congresswoman’s leaked texts prove what you’ve always imagined happens behind the scenes.

One nasty cat fight was revealed between two California Democrats—and one Congresswoman proved she has a very personal reason behind calls to “Defund The Police.”

Fox News Digital recently managed to get its hands on a full text exchange between Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) and Irvine, CA Mayor Farrah Khan.

Feud erupted after Porter town hall turned violent and she trashed police who responded

The ladies’ texting spat came after Porter hosted a violent town hall last year—then went on to trash talk police officers who were forced to come in to clean up the mess.

It seems Porter lives with Julian Willis—a man who allegedly punched a pro-Trump protestor, bloodying his nose.

After Irvine Police arrested Willis, Porter laid into the city’s Mayor shortly after.

“Hi. As a courtesy, I am advising you that I’m meeting with the chief of police at 10:30 a.m.,” she wrote in a text message. “I’m sure you’re stil resting up from your very long day with secretary Walsh so I don’t expect you there.”

The Mayor responded by assuring her that the Congresswoman would be “in good hands with our Chief.”

“I will never trust them again,” the Congresswoman wrote in response. “Well, your police force is a disgrace.”

The Mayor responded asking, “What happened? I’m available for a quick call now.”

Instead, the egotistical representative switched topics and kept ripping into the local official.

“And the next time I have a high ranking official come, only come to things you are invited to. Stopping by the Mexican restaurant was ridiculous,” she said. “You have a reputation for not staying in your lane and seeking attention. And the result is we’ll keep things out of Irvine next time.”

“You need to hear this bc it is damaging others willingness to work with you,” she continued in her rant. “Tammy, Dave, Santa Ana Mayor, Mike Levin, Sharon Walin, etc all great. You created stress on staff.”

The stunned Mayor then responded, obviously aware that anything she puts in writing is likely to be used against her in the future.

“That’s quite a leap you’re taking,” Khan wrote. “I’m sorry, but Cory and I were planning on going to the Mexican restaurant that day, when we saw the security vehicles we went somewhere else. I attended all events I was invited to either by Secretary Walsh’s staff, OCLF, your staff or IUSD.”

“You just happened by that particular Mexican restaurant????” the Congresswoman fired back. “Please.”

“I see you’re upset,” Kahn responded like she was dealing with an overwrought preschooler. “But it would be more professional of you to just call me for clarification.”

“I have never done anything to you. You cannot say the same. I have helped you with your campaign and tried to be a good partner. I don’t owe you a phone call,” Porter ranted.

“You should have called me with [the] complete fail by [the] city yesterday,” Porter added. “I am a United States Congress woman (sic). You can lecture me on professionalism. And see what happens.”

Of course, “professional” is exactly what comes to mind when thinking about the woman who once wore a Batgirl costume to the US House of Representatives’ floor.

Kahn then tried to end the conversation with a barb of her own.

“As I have been with you, even though I feel like I’m treated very poorly,” the Mayor replied.

With a crooked Congresswoman like that for a friend, Kahn sure doesn’t need any enemies.

Porter has been sponging off taxpayers and others for some time now.

Before she landed herself in Congress, she was a professor making $286,674 for teaching two courses per semester.

Between that and her blatant threats, Porter’s constant railing against rich and power-hungry politicians is looking downright hypocritical.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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