Dave Chappelle’s attacker said he was motivated by something that will leave you speechless

It’s getting harder and harder for comedians to tell jokes because of political correctness.

Dave Chappelle was literally attacked onstage after being figuratively attacked for years.

And Chappelle’s attacker said he was motivated by something that will leave you speechless.

Superstar actor Will Smith set a horrible precedent when he slapped comedian Chris rock in the middle of the Oscars.

Smith had an insane reaction to Rock telling a harmless joke about his wife, fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Many comedians warned that it would inspire copycats, and Isaiah Lee, the man who tackled Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, admitted that Will Smith’s meltdown inspired his assault on Chappelle.

Lee said in a jailhouse interview, “That’s not right what [Chris Rock] said about his wife, calling her GI Jane.”

He added that Rock’s joke was “tasteless” and Smith was simply “standing up for his wife.”

Thanks to far-left Los Angeles prosecutor George Gascón, Lee skirted felony charges for the Chappelle incident despite having a knife in his possession.

Gascón tried to puff out his chest and say that his office would prosecute Lee for another attack, this time an attempted murder charge stemming from stabbing his roommate months earlier.

Lee was only tracked down for the attempted murder charge becuase of the Chappelle attack and the backlash to Gascón’s pro-crime policies.

Lee’s strategy appears to be to play the LGBT card.

In his interview, Lee explained, “I identify as bisexual . . . and I wanted [Chappelle] to know what he said was triggering . . . I wanted him to know that next time, he should consider first running his material by people it could affect.”

Lee also admitted the attack was partially motivated in promoting his fledgling rap career.

He added, “I’m not going to lie . . . it was a bit of clout-chasing . . . In Hollywood, you know they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. I rap about these things in my music and knew it would get attention.”

Gascón, who was backed by George Soros, has let Los Angeles spiral out of control in a short while.

He’s not even popular among Hollywood liberals who virtually always fawn over the most progressive politicians.

However, Gascón is quite popular among criminals.

Convicted murderer Luis Angel Hernandez said during a recorded prison phone call conversation, “I’m going to get that n****’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there . . . F***ing Gascón . . . That’s the n**** right there, bro. He’s making historic changes for all of us, bro.”

The progressives are bringing back the pro-crime policies of the 1970s, and the results are a predictable disaster.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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