DA Pamela Price takes it easy on men accused of shooting a kindergartener in the heart

Pro-crime district attorneys are popping up all over the United States. 

Now California DA Pamela Price is bringing new attention to the issue. 

And it’s all because she decided to take it easy on men accused of shooting a kindergartener in the heart.

Little Eliyanah Crisostomo was killed when gang members opened fire on her family’s SUV when it was traveling on I-880 in Fremont, CA the day before Easter. 

According to a fundraiser organized for the family, the little girl likely died within 30 seconds, only 13 days shy of her sixth birthday.

The family was on the way to celebrate a birthday with dinner at an Outback location when their vehicle came under fire and Eliyanah was shot in the heart. 

Her family realized she had been shot right away and immediately pulled over next to a highway patrolman they was along the interstate. 

The officer tried to save the little girl, but there was nothing he could do. 

Young girl did not survive shooting on the way to birthday celebration

Now Alameda County DA Pamela Price has completely stunned Californians by refusing to add gun and gang enhancements to murder charges filed against three gang members—including the 25-year-old accused of shooting the 5-year-old girl in the heart. 

“Not filing gun and gang enhancements in a case like this is an extreme departure from California criminal law practice,” long-time Los Angeles County prosecutor Jason Lustig explained in an interview with the New York Post. “It’s extreme.”

According to the Berkeley Scanner omitting those enhancements is “almost unheard of in the Bay Area” when dealing with such a serious case.

By failing to file those enhancement charges the little girl’s murderers could end up facing only 15-25 years in prison. 

With the enhancements their sentences could be as serious as life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Alameda County’s DA office was already a leftist mess before Price was elected in November promising to “disrupt” the system. 

According to the Post, Price sent a memo to staffers ordering them to avoid filing criminal enhancements in nearly all cases.

At this point, she may cave to public pressure and add the enhancements. 

If she doesn’t, she may be facing an uphill battle when it comes time to run for reelection as voters realize the “disruption” they were buying into benefited a man who murdered an innocent little girl. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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