Criminals in this far-left city used some heavy-duty construction equipment to pull off the unthinkable

In nearly every single community across the nation, crime has become a major problem.

Nobody or no business is safe from theft and violence, especially now that theft is decriminalized in many major cities.

However, things were taken to a completely new level the other day when criminals used some serious machinery to bust into this unsuspecting storefront.

From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, cities across the nation are making it harder and harder to take down criminals.

Ever since the riots of 2020, petty theft has been effectively legalized in many localities, and even felony theft often carries a pathetically small sentence, if any.

Another thing that has been legalized in many of these states and cities is drugs, all in the name of “social justice”.

The most prevalent drug that has been legalized for adult use is marijuana.

If you have been to any major city lately, then you have probably seen these shops on almost every street corner.

Since these businesses are still illegal on the federal level, banking institutions typically will not serve them, making them a predominately cash-based industry.

As a result, these dispensaries have become easy targets for thieves, especially in places where theft is already rampant.

One extreme example of an organized robbery of a pot shop happened just the other day in Seattle, which has become a hotbed for crime and drugs.

In a scene out of a Cheech & Chong movie, a group of criminals managed to get their hands on a front-end loader, which they plowed right into the front of a local cannabis store.

It is reported that they stole about $100 from the ATM inside along with about $1,000 worth of “product”.

Of course, the reality is not so funny and it is a miracle that nobody was killed.

So far, nobody has been arrested in connection with this heist and it seems unlikely that anybody will be.

As always with these sorts of crimes, the real loser is the small business owner.

In many cases, a small business is not profitable for quite a while, and the complete and utter destruction of their storefront is nothing short of devastating.

Most businesses would have some sort of insurance to give them peace of mind, but since this is technically a federally illegal business, finding insurance can be a minefield for these sorts of stores.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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