Criminal trash cans in this city will make you sick

Residents in Democratic strongholds are currently suffering.

Cities tend to go off the rails when leftists have too much power.

Now criminal trash cans in this city will make you sick.

The three hallmarks of the government are waste, fraud, and abuse, and that’s particularly true in  major urban centers where Democrats have no Republicans to check them.

California, with a Democratic supermajority in the state legislature, is one of those places.

And San Francisco, one of the most left-wing cities in the country, is displaying the pitfalls of big government in every way imaginable.

The city recently rolled out prototypes for new garbage cans that cost an eye-popping $20,000 apiece.

The city has created interactive maps and put QR codes on the trash cans so people can offer feedback on them.

Meanwhile, drug needles and human feces litter the streets.

Matt Haney, a local resident and representative in the California Assembly, said, “A trash can is one of the most basic functions of city governance and if the city can’t do something as simple as this, how can they solve the bigger issues of homelessness and safety and poverty? … I think most people, including me, would say just replace the damn cans with cans that we know work in other cities, just do it.”

But that would require too much common sense and leave less for the central planners and bureaucrats to do.

Haney added that the “whole trash can saga has this stench of corruption,” referring to former Department of Public Works Director Moahmmed Nuru, who pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charges.

The Associated Press reported that “Nuru awarded the contract to maintain San Francisco’s trash cans to a company owned by a relative of a developer who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy,” which is all too common in big Democrat machines like in San Francisco.

The other problem is the Tragedy of the Commons, meaning that everyday people are not going to maintain the cans no matter how expensive and sleek they are.

According to reports, the prototype cans have already been graffitied and stained with coffee.

Diane Torkelson, a city resident who volunteers to pick up trash checked out the prototype cans and found them overflowing.

She explained, “If the trash can is full, it’s of no use, no matter how well it was designed.”

San Francisco’s $20,000 trash cans serve as symbols to the fecklessness of leftist politics in action.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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