“Concealed carry racism” scandal proves Mandela Barnes is his own worst enemy in yet another stunning own goal

The Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin should be doing better than he is in his senatorial bid, given the power of incumbency.

But he just can’t stop sheer idiocy from leaving his lips.

Now, the Senate candidates’ “concealed carry racism” scandal proves he is his own worst enemy in yet another stunning own goal.

Barnes is a typical radical leftist in that he sees racism around every corner, actual evidence notwithstanding.

In yet another in a seemingly endless series of newly discovered recordings, Mandela was caught on tape in 2018 impugning the character of the residents who elected him as Lieutenant Governor.

According to Mandela, who fancies himself as some kind of crack detective of others’ hearts and minds, the very citizens who elected him to his post have a shameful habit of bigotry that they are keeping on the down low.

Barnes accuses constituents of “concealed carry racism”

In a 2018 radio interview, Barnes said, “The racism is different here in Wisconsin because in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. It’s more open. It’s like, you get it. You know, you know the people don’t like you and here in Wisconsin it’s a little more scary because it can be institutionalized and much more concealed. It’s ‘concealed carry racism.’”

It isn’t clear from the interview if the racism Barnes saw was before or after his election.

But racism has been a “go to” excuse for the politician as his poll numbers have declined precipitously since the summer.

According to Breitbart News, “Democrat Mandela Barnes’s Wisconsin Senate campaign appears to be self-destructing five weeks before election day, as the candidates’ allies have begun to blame the campaign’s media consultant and ‘racist’ GOP attack ads for Barnes’s lousy performance.”

Barnes hasn’t led in a single public poll for six weeks and, with the election only 13 days away, the blame game has already begun.

State Rep. Francesca Hong (D) stuck with the racism excuse, saying in an interview with The New York Times, “To make Mandela and Black folks endure the relentless racist attacks, then not hit back on treason, corruption and lies, is unfortunate.”

But Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson, another ally of Barnes who dropped out of the Democrat primary to endorse Barnes, said he believes the campaign is in such trouble it needs to replace its media advisor.

“The campaign needs to fire its media consultant,” he said. “They’re losing.”

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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