Commuters are terrified to go to work in this dangerous city

Most major cities have become completely overwhelmed with crime.

Commuters, travelers, and even locals are afraid to travel into cities like New York and Chicago for fear that they will be attacked at any moment.

And now, commuters are especially terrified to go to work in this dangerous city.

Public Transit has become synonymous with crime in the United States

In most places around the world, public transit is part of everyday life.

But as a result of pro-crime policies, many public transportation networks have become run down and riddled with crime.

One of the worst includes the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which is the public transit system of New York City.

Nearly every single day, New Yorkers hear about all of the crimes that happen in the Subways to the point where it is more surprising to not hear any crime news.

Thankfully, New York City is beginning to crack down on the lawlessness in their subways.

More agents are keeping an eye on the stations, which has caused MTA agents and criminal street thugs to clash in recent times.

However, this tension boiled over recently when an MTA guard was forced to use potentially lethal force on an aggravated individual.

According to New York local ABC affiliate WABC, a man was shot after harassing armed MTA agents at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station.

After following the agents for quite some time and giving them verbal threats, the agents finally had enough and asked the man to back off.

The man did not back off and continued to harass and threaten the agents, even trying to take the weapon from the officer, resulting in him being shot once.

According to NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper, “The armed MTA worker pulled out his firearm while repeatedly giving verbal commands for the male to back up. The male failed to comply and threatened to forcibly remove the firearm from the MTA employee. During the course of this interaction, the MTA employee fired one round, which struck the male in the chest.”

The man who was shot was left in critical condition and so far, the MTA worker has not been charged with any crimes.

Although considering the recent history of New York prosecutors when it comes to defensive actions – like charging a bodega worker with murder after he killed a man attacking him – that wouldn’t be a surprise.

Commuters should avoid the subway if possible

What happened to these MTA guards is what has been happening to commuters for years in New York City and elsewhere.

It is virtually impossible to use the New York subways these days without being followed, harassed, or yelled at.

Criminals are now emboldened to do as they please, and innocent civilians are paying the price.

Moving forward, hopefully, this incident will encourage the far-left Democrats who are destroying New York City to tighten up security.

Subway users should not have to be afraid each and every time they use the subway system.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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