Communist crime reporter never expected she’d get called out by a high-profile leftist over this jaw-dropping crime

Democrat-run cities are deteriorating into hellholes.

The residents are finally getting fed up.

But one Communist crime reporter didn’t expect to ever get called out by a high-profile leftist over even this jaw-dropping crime.

Even the biggest leftists have a breaking point

It appears that the leftist news network The Young Turks (TYT) has reached a breaking point when it comes to crime.

Typically leftists bend over backwards to defend criminals and pro-crime policies that allow them to run rampant.

The problem has gotten so bad, even many leftists are struggling to defend it.

The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian called out Brooklyn-based Communist crime reporter Tana Ganeva for excusing a man who savagely attacked a subway cleaner.

Arrested 41 times and still released to perpetrate more attacks

Kasparian wrote on Twitter, “This is a man who was arrested 41 times. After this incident he was released & went on to send a subway worker to the hospital with a broken collarbone. But according to this crime reporter, the man committing assaults/breaking bones is the real victim.”

People like Ganeva —who writes for leftist outlets including Rolling Stone, Business Insider, The New Republic, The Nation, Reason, The Intercept—are precisely why anarcho-tyranny exists.

In their world, criminals are given free rein (anarchy) while law-abiding citizens are policed aggressively (tyranny).

Millions of Americans are now forced to live in that world daily.

The violent repeat offenders who constantly get out of prison thanks to pro-crime policies are the true victims in the eyes of comrades like Ganeva, not the actual working class people they beat and rob.

Leftists eat their own when they’ve had enough

Other Communists crawled out of the woodwork to attack Kasparian when she reported on crime in California. 

One criminal justice “reformer” wrote of Kasparian, “She picked a single case to make everyone sh*t their pants. Literally no different from what Fox News does. Sucks to see that it’s working! Let’s build more prisons and feign shock when it doesn’t work.”

Kasparian replied, “Homicides in LA haven’t been this high in 15 years. Antithetical to the idea that I’m using anecdotal evidence. But okay.”

She surprisingly did not back down to the “woke” mob.

Kasparian added, “A violent criminal who was charged with kidnapping and beating his partner was released from prison ONE DAY after he got a 180 day prison sentence and then proceeded to murder a cop during a botched robbery…It’s incredible to me that people OPENLY defend the violent criminals who literally murder people. That ain’t reform.”

As unhinged as Kasparian can get, she’s actually right on this subject.

It’s not “reform” to allow criminals to run the streets and beat people up.

Leftists have this pie-in-the-sky notion of drug treatment programs and other initiatives, but they refuse to hold the offenders to any standards.

If people want to stay on the streets in order to have better access to drugs, they are not going to go to these programs voluntarily.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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