Colorado mom is up in arms after her child’s school made this horrifying move

For many far-left activists, it is not enough to change the hearts and minds of voters. 

Many leftists have their eyes on young children, whom they wish to mold into future foot soldiers. 

But a Colorado mom is up in arms after her child’s school made this horrifying move.

Leftists are working tirelessly to get children indoctrinated with their narratives

Throughout the course of human history, every time a tyrannical extremist movement takes hold, they target children and young people first.

The communist Chinese, Nazis, and Bolsheviks all focused heavily on attracting young people to serve as their foot soldiers, especially in their formative years.

The modern LGBT movement is no different, and in classrooms across the nation, far-left teachers are poisoning the minds of young people with dangerous transgender theories.

In some cases, these so-called teachers encourage very young children to “transition” or receive permanent surgeries that mutilate their bodies with no measurable medical benefit.

This is the hell that a Colorado mother named Erin Lee discovered was taking place at her child’s school, all without any parental notification or consent. 

In  an interview with Fox News, Erin Lee claims that her child’s art teacher establish an art club, which she allowed her child to join without giving it any thought. 

But things spiraled out of control very quickly. 

Per Erin Lee, “When she got there, she very quickly learned it was actually a gender and sexuality awareness club.  The art teacher had invited in an outside presenter into the classroom that day, and this woman did absolutely unthinkable things with the kids.”

Erin Lee added, “She talked to them about polyamory. She told them that these new labels that they had just adopted made them more likely to commit suicide and talked to them extensively about suicide.” 

In response to this secretive attempt to groom her child with extreme and perverse principals, Erin Lee is suing Wellington Middle School and Poudre School District, which is about 70 miles north of Denver. 

The school has since acknowledged the existence of the club, but declined further comment. 

The Left’s radical agenda poses a massive threat to the future of America 

In America, people cannot purchase alcohol or tobacco until they are 21 years old in most states. 

Yet, transgender activists are hell-bent on grooming children to get life-altering surgeries that provide no medical benefit. 

The only way to stop this horrible campaign is for parents to closely monitor what their children are taught in schools, and to closely monitor who their children spend their time with. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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