City officials are finally speaking out about this dangerous city’s crime backlog

Across the nation, violent crime has swept our city’s streets.

Even suburbs are not safe these days.

Now city officials are finally speaking out about this dangerous city’s crime backlog.

America’s current violent crime wave is almost entirely caused by the radical Left’s overhaul of thousands of localities’ criminal justice systems in 2020.

And Seattle has seen such a huge uptick in crime that the radical liberals running the city are scrambling to find out how to deal with the avalanche of backlogged crime reports.

Although Seattle has always been a hotbed of crime, things have really gotten out of control since the far-left politicians running Seattle upended their criminal justice system.

These days it is harder than ever to put violent repeat offenders in prison where they belong, and if they are thrown in jail, they are typically given ridiculously small sentences or low bails, meaning they are back on the streets in no time.

Crime has gotten so bad in Seattle, that it is almost truly unmeasurable because the city of Seattle has a massive backlog of cases that are waiting to be processed.

One city official, in particular, City Attorney Ann Davison, actually spoke out about the mountain of backlog crime reports. Davison claimed that around 4,000 crimes are waiting to be processed.

While voicing her concern for these crimes, Davison made it clear that she plans to prioritize what she calls crimes against people such as domestic violence, assault with sexual motivation, and “other assault and harassment related crimes.”

Secondary on her list includes crimes such as “crimes involving guns and other weapons, DUIs, and those with suspects who meet the ‘High Utilizer Initiative’ criteria of three or more current referrals in the existing backlog” per Davison.

This exemplifies just how backward the far-left thinks.

Every crime is a crime against a person.

Just think about a store owner who had his or her store cleaned out during a riot.

Perhaps nobody was injured, but that store owner lost everything they have dedicated their lives to.

But that is not how the far-left thinks, unfortunately.

Having said all of that, this is a good start at least.

If Seattle ever hopes to be a great city again, they need to start getting serious about crime.

Defunding the police and having social workers intervene in homicides is not the way to do it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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