Citizens of this leftist city are outraged over this failed initiative

In most parts of America, homelessness has gotten completely out of hand.

Years of socialist policies have created an environment where homelessness is celebrated, and the results have been catastrophic for so many people.

With that in mind, citizens of this leftist city are outraged over this failed initiative.

The Left has no idea how to get a grip on homelessness

It is no coincidence that nearly every Democrat-controlled part of America has rampant homelessness.

That is because these parts of America have punishing taxes, making the cost of living outrageous.

In addition to that, many Democrat-controlled areas not only tolerate hard drug use but often encourage it with spaces to shoot up, free needles, and even free crack pipes in some cities.

Democrats have created this crisis, and now they are desperately trying to fix it. Unsurprisingly they have no earthly idea how to do so.

Just take a look at San Francisco, which has one of the worst homeless problems in America.

As a result of the out-of-control homelessness, back in 2017 officials tried to implement a five-year program to cut the number of homeless people in half.

Predictably this program failed miserably. In fact, the number of homeless people actually increased in this five-year window.

In 2017, it was estimated that there were 2,138 homeless people in the city of San Francisco, and today that number sits at a whopping 2,691 people.

The numbers do not lie, and it is obvious that San Francisco’s ambitious plan was a complete and unmitigated failure.

California is a prime example of failed leftist policies gone wild

San Francisco’s failed 5-year program to cut homelessness in half proves several things about the far-Left.

The first is their propensity to have government involvement every step of the way when it comes to just about any issue.

Democrats just cannot wrap their head around the idea that more government intervention is rarely the answer, and more often than not it makes everything worse.

The next thing it proves is that the homelessness crisis is completely caused by the Left and their insane policies.

Rarely does the Left actually have any sort of plan in place to proactively prevent homelessness.

More often than not their plans involve giving the homeless welfare benefits, or easy access to drugs.

The only time the Left wants to relocate homeless or illegal aliens is when they start moving into their neighborhoods.

Today, Gavin Newsom has the gall to call Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a kidnapper for flying illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

But while he was mayor of San Francisco, he actually started a clearly failed – but surely still funded – “homeward bound” program to remove homeless from the elites’ neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Further proof that Gavin Newsom and California Democrats have completely lost their mind, if they think Americans don’t see through their hypocrisy.

If California ever hopes to get a grip on the homeless problem then getting rid of the Democrats who are destroying their cities must be the first step.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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