Church bishop was stunned by reality when Democrat policies led to one jaw-dropping incident

Residents in blue cities are getting fed up.

Democrats talk a good game, but they are watching their communities fall apart.

And one bishop was stunned by reality when Democrat policies led to one jaw-dropping incident.

Major cities around the country are suffering from pro-crime policies instituted by the Democrats.

Lawlessness has become commonplace, and criminals know they are more likely to get a slap on the wrist even if they’re caught.

That’s the consequence of far-Left prosecutors installed by George Soros and the Democrat Party around the country.

New York City is currently in the throes of a violent crime surge.

And a church bishop in the city got robbed in the middle of a sermon.

BBC News reported that a “preacher known for his flamboyant lifestyle was robbed of more than $1m in jewelry during a livestreamed sermon in the city of New York.”  

The victim, Lamor Whitehead, 44, vowed those responsible “won’t get away with it.” 

BBC News continued: 

“Among the items taken from the flashy, Rolls Royce-driving clergyman were Rolexes, diamonds and emeralds . . . No suspects have so far been named or apprehended. In the video Mr Whitehead is heard asking ‘How many of you have lost your faith because you saw somebody else die?’ moments before several black-clad gunmen entered the church in Brooklyn. It is not clear how many people were in attendance during the service.”

Whitehead has been criticized for his lavish, especially for a clergyman, accoutrement but that does not justify the actions of the thieves.

The ugly incident also shows how far the culture has fallen.

Whitehead said, “When I see them come into the sanctuary with their guns, I told everybody [to] get down, everybody just get down…I didn’t know if they wanted to shoot the church up or if they were just coming for a robbery…For you to kick in a church door and come with guns in the middle of service – what God is gonna do to y’all is above my paygrade.”

Crime has been on the rise in New York.

Former police officer Eric Adams was elected mayor in part on a law-and-order platform, but thus far it’s been more of the same.

Adams said, “No one in this city should be the victim of armed robbery, let alone our faith leaders.”

But like so many Democrats around the country, Adams is having a hard time mustering more than talk.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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