Chuck Schumer winced when this Democrat Senate hopeful outed herself as completely radical with this one action

It used to be where Democrats hid their radicalism in order to con the voters into electing them.

While this absolutely still rings true in Chuck Schumer’s Party, some have become a lot more brazen.

And the Senate Majority Leader winced when this Democrat Senate hopeful outed herself as completely radical with this one action.

Cheri Beasley is a former North Carolina Supreme Court judge, but voters showed her the door in 2020.

Now she’s running for U.S. Senate.

Unfortunately for her she’s carrying some baggage in the form of radical policy positions.

The Democrat had once voted to vacate a career criminal’s habitual felon status.

This happened just after the man was caught with a “weapon of mass death,” which would have seen him receive a lighter sentence if he committed another crime, if Beasley got her way.

Back in 2013 a jury found a man called Corey Deon Floyd guilty of possessing a “weapon of mass death and destruction” and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.

What’s that in your pants?

Prior to all of this, Floyd was spotted hanging around the streets of Kinston, N.C., with a sawed-off shotgun in his pants.

Floyd’s multiple convictions earned him the designation of habitual felon status.

Under North Carolina law, habitual felons are sentenced to harsher penalties for any subsequent crimes they commit.

If Beasley got her way, Floyd would have lost his habitual felon status.

While she was a state Supreme Court justice in 2016, Beasley voted to vacate Floyd’s habitual felon conviction.

The reason?

According to Beasley, one of Floyd’s past felonies that prosecutors used to justify the designation – attempted assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury – “is not a crime in North Carolina.”

Because a majority of Beasley’s fellow justices rejected her opinion, Floyd’s convictions along with the designation were upheld and he was also found guilty of felony cocaine possession on at least two occasions.

On the campaign trail, Beasley is now pledging to “keep North Carolina communities safe” but her past actions seem to suggest her rhetoric doesn’t match her reality.

This is further shown by the fact that she now denounces the movement to defund the police, but in 2020 during a press conference at the height of the Black Lives Matter riots, Beasley said, “Americans must recognize the legitimate pain and weight of years of disparate treatment that fuels these demonstrations.”

In 2019, Beasley faced criticism for siding with a child pornography offender who used a technicality to reduce his sentence.

Will history repeat thanks to Beasley’s far-Left radicalism?

After losing her run for a second eight-year term on the North Carolina high court to Republican Paul Newby in 2020, Beasley joined international law firm McGuire Woods as a partner in January 2021.

Republican Ted Budd currently leads by a slim 1.3% in the Real Clear Politics polling average of the North Carolina Senate race.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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