Christians are terrified after this blue state high school allowed the unthinkable to take place

In today’s world, there is no denying that Christianity and Christians are under attack. 

The radical Left has made it their mission to convince more and more young people to break away from God and sadly, it is working. 

Now Christians are especially terrified after this blue state high school allowed the unthinkable to take place. 

The radical Left will not rest until America is a completely secular society 

One of the most concerning policy goals of the radical Left is to take God out of every part of American culture. 

The Left largely resents Christianity because it requires believers to put their faith in something other than the federal government. 

This explains why they hate mentioning God on currency, in the Pledge of Allegiance or anywhere else God and the Christian foundations of America are prevalent. 

But what a high school in Pennsylvania has planned is guaranteed to shock even the most hardcore atheist.

At Northern High School located in the sleepy town of Dillsburg, in York County PA, school officials gave approval this week for a local satanic temple to host a back-to-school event at the school following Labor Day, FOX 43 reported.

It is unclear exactly what the Satanic temple plans to do with the high school-aged children at the “After School Satan Club”, but it cannot be good.  They are Satanists after all. 

As you can imagine, parents have been rightfully outraged by the planned after-school event after plans were first announced in April. 

Concerned parent Jennifer McAllister said, “They already took God out of schools now they’re going to let Satan in, it’s just crazy.” 

Parents and concerned community members have an obligation to speak out about this disgusting misuse of school resources, and the very fact that school officials are welcoming satanists to brainwash children. 

To make matters worse, the Satanic temples have tried to target children as young as elementary school.

In fact, Satanists in Dillsburg planned an “After School Satan Club” events at local elementary schools this past spring that were thankfully shut down after parents’ prayers and protests were heard. 

Laura Vangeli, a parent of a York County child, told the local media in April that “There is a lot of evil already in this world, so to allow it to come into our school and our community is not OK.”

Satanists are openly advertising these events with disturbing tweets clearly aimed at school-aged children.  

Northern High School is claiming that they have no control who rents their spaces after school hours, however many parents are understandably skeptical of this claim. 

The future of public schooling lies in the hands of parents and community members

What is happening in the sleepy little small town of Dillsburg is a prime example of the anti-Christian behavior that is being encouraged all across the nation. 

If something this horrific and depraved can happen in Dillsburg, it can happen anywhere, including your hometown. 

Parents and members of the community must speak up and demand that schools do what is right for their children, or else this sort of evil is guaranteed to take place. 

Moving forward, the people of Dillsburg need to get to the bottom of who approved this event, and demand that they be fired immediately.  Satanism has no place in America’s schools. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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