China released the most insane press release about its plans for one U.S. city

America’s biggest rival is getting bolder by the day.

Now the country is even pushing propaganda in America.

And China released the most insane press release about its plans for one U.S. city.

You would think if China wanted to push propaganda in the United States they’d try to keep it under the radar, but the audacity of the world’s biggest communist government is stunning.

China’s government-owned “news” outlet Xinhua has been spending billions worldwide to boost the communist nation’s image for years now – and a chunk of that money has been spent on advertising on digital billboards in New York City’s Times Square.

But China’s most recent propaganda push is especially aggressive.

Of course, as with any quality propaganda, it was cleverly wrapped up in a pretty package – with a clickbait title that embodies the Chinese Community Party’s most treasured fantasy.

On December 30, Cimagine Media Group sent out a press release on behalf of Hunan Cultural and Tourism entitled, “Chinese City of Henan to take over Times Square.”

The press release went on to detail how “Henan takes over the giant Disney LED screen at Times Square” with rotating 30 second videos that would “thrill New Yorkers and visitors alike with scenes of its famous Yellow River, the Songshan Mountain, Taijiquan, and Shaolin Kung Fu.”

The press release, which was distributed on a Newswire to make it accessible to every news outlet in the nation, made the campaign sound like an innocent push for tourism.

But the timing is more than a little suspicious.

Why was it suddenly so important to push a trip to the “Cradle of China” in the middle of the pandemic?

A day after that press release dropped, gorgeous images of China (the part without toxic pollution) were looping at Times Square as the country’s Foreign Minister directly threatened the US.

Wang Yi warned that we will “face an unbearable price” after Joe Biden included Taiwan’s government in his recent “Democracy Summit.”

That was followed up with an announcement on January 3 that China will continue to “modernize” its nuclear weapons arsenal and a call for the United States and Russia to reduce their weapon stockpiles.

Considering that the US is still the world’s biggest economy – followed by Japan – China has a vested interest in keeping NYC happy even while it continues to prepare its population for a hot war.

As mid-January approaches there’s already lots of chatter about how China’s takeover of Taiwan could devastate Wall Street since a huge portion of the world’s computer chip supply is made there.

A US Military journal has even gone as far as saying that Taiwan should destroy its chip industry to dissuade China from invading.

China has spent years recruiting employees from Taiwan’s chip industry in an effort to steal cutting edge technology.

In a bid to gain control of Taiwan, China is not only taking on Wall Street.

It will also undoubtedly rile up members of the Chinese Diaspora – about 46 million people of Chinese descent who live outside of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Many are loyal to their heritage and speak Chinese as their first language in their homes.

Showcasing traditional artforms in its latest propaganda piece is an attempt to erase the fact that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has spent decades methodically destroying all forms of traditional Chinese culture.

In fact, some members of the diaspora are locked in their own version of a cold war with the CCP, such as the founder of The Epoch Times, a new organization which has risen as a major force challenging leftist corporate-controlled media in the US.

John Tang is part of a group trying to raise awareness of persecution in China against the Falun Gong, which they say are being subjected to many horrors including systemic organ harvesting by China.

In addition to the news business, Falun Gong advocates are also behind Shen Yun classical Chinese dance tours designed to build up support for protecting traditional Chinese culture.

In fact, China’s Time Square public relations stunt is likely an attempt to take all the interest built up by Shen Yun and put it to work for the Chinese Communist Party.

After all, if China can convince the world that Taiwan is not a priceless link to Chinese heritage – that the “cradle of China” is still in Henan – it will be much easier to stage a takeover.

The island nation of Taiwan is home to the National Palace Museum – a bunker-like structure built into a hill in Taipai containing the world’s most valuable artifacts from ancient China, which were smuggled out of China before the CCP had a chance to destroy them.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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